In like a lamb


It’s March already. It came in here like a lamb. It was a pretty day (as is today), if a little chilly, but spring is definitely on its way.

Near my house. Soon this will be a riot of tiny green sprouts.
My little buddy, Ralph. The runaway who once was lost, but now is found.

Rather than my usual Wednesday post where I categorize all the things I’m doing, I thought I might change the format this week. You can tell me in the comments which you prefer. Or not. I just finally realized that the way I was doing it might be pretty boring, so if you were among those who thought so, you can be happy! Besides, I do like to shake things up a little now and then. Just a little.




Ralph loves to sit just like this. I suspect he is remembering his time out in the “big world.” He seems pretty satisfied to stay close to me now.

Since I am home until the very last day of the month, I am still planning to spend this time sewing. I say, “still planning,” because life keeps getting in the way. Hope springs eternal, though! My workroom re-do is slowly taking shape (why, oh why, did I decide to wash so many things when I already had everything all torn up?). I am seriously in love with having that huge work surface. Problem is, I go down with every intention of making a place for things and I get distracted by long-buried projects. Add in last week’s book challenge and the fact that all my paper supplies are now uncovered, and…well. Let’s just say that while things are still a mess, I’ve gotten several pages done.


Not a lamb…Just me, hanging out in SewModern’s vintage trailer! I keep thinking what a clever trick this was!

Speaking of lambs (we were, weren’t we?), I spied the fabric bundle below in the adorable SewModern space at QuiltCon (they brought in a vintage travel trailer, for Pete’s sake!). It’s Homestead from Birch Fabrics. SewModern had tons of great fabrics, but I really loved this one. Even though I do have a couple of baby quilts coming up, the honest truth is that I knew if I made quilts from these fabrics I wouldn’t want to give them away. Well, that and my suitcase was full. Truly.

Birch Fabrics Homestead bundle at SewModern (See the lambs?)

So, for the moment, even though I am in clean-up-the-workroom-hell, I will spend the rest of this week sewing. I plan to have something to show soon. I will also be back later today (or maybe tomorrow) to tell you where I am with the 350 Blocks challenge (here’s a hint: February wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped).

The ONE block I’ve finished in the Splendid Sampler

Even though I am a terrible follower-alonger, the projects that are first and foremost on my list are: Triangle salad (because the rest of the group has already gotten theirs put together and I am still somewhere around week 2), and the Splendid Sampler (honestly, I am not sure I will follow this one all the way through, I have only made one block and there are 99 more to go).

There is one other very cool project that I am super-excited about. Rather than tell you about it myself, though, I will have its originator do a guest post very soon. Trust me, you will want to be involved.

So, until next time…

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  • Wendy Tuma

    Nice post. I like both formats. I always enjoyed seeing your categorized post but I like this one too. Ralph is a cutie. And you’ve piqued my curiousity on what’s coming up!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Wendy! I may go back and forth, I find the categorized posts really make me focus on what I’m actually doing. As you might have guessed, focusing is really hard for me!

      I will keep you posted as to what’s coming. It’s a really cool project!

  • I sure did enjoy going to QuiltCon with you . . . and I’m already looking forward to calling you Sugar to your face next year in Savannah!

    • Lori East

      I absolutely can’t wait, Jeanne! That will be the icing on my Krispy Kreme.

  • shelly

    I like the posts either way, and I’m so glad Ralph made his way home. I’m really curious about that big project coming up, too! And don’t feel bad, I’m attempting the Splendid Sampler, too, and I only have the first block done as well.

    • Lori East

      Ok, thanks. Good to know about the posts.

      I actually got a couple more SS blocks done last night, but I had to take one back apart before I left it for the night. Yep, I sewed the parts in in the wrong places. I am hoping to get to a usable number so I can decide whether or not I want to continue. There should be a new one coming out today. Sigh…

      The Big Project news (guest post) should come out tomorrow afternoon. It is SO stinking cool.