I’m thinking something new…and it starts with great fabric (and a bit of a fangirl moment)


I’m thinking about making something new.And that surprises no one, am I right?

Ever since I took the photo below when I first started cutting out the canning season quilt, I keep thinking about how well those fabrics play together. You probably know that I love color. The more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned. And when they look like a party on my cutting table, it just tickles me silly.

Aren’t they wonderful?

I did use all of these fabrics in that green quilt, but they are in the form of half-square triangles scattered all over it. They are great sparks in that vast sea of triangles and I love them! Now I want to use them in something that makes the colors the focus.

In case you’re wondering, these are from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Mostly Manor line, and you can find them here. You probably know that I rarely buy bundles of things, no matter how much they tempt me. But. I really wanted all of these. The photo at the top is the full red Mostly Manor bundle. Yes, you want it, don’t you? The yellow fabric is from the Meadow Storm line, and I have to tell you that I am flat in love with it. (You want it too, admit it.) I want more of it. It’s no lightweight! Seriously, the hand of it is just delicious. And the color…yep, I love it.

So, yeah. I’m scheming on these. They’ll turn into something good, I just can’t tell you what yet…because I don’t know! But something new this way comes…soon.

What would you do with them? You never know when your idea will spark a new idea for me. Besides that, I really love reading and responding to your comments. So, please, share your thoughts!

  • Wendy Tuma

    Well, you know I love them. I know I’m pretty sure I need them. If I was brave, I’d travel to NYC to meet her and get them. LOL

    • Well, you can always order them. 😉

  • Claudette DeRocher Booker

    Nothing new today. Laundry, pay mom’s bills, do some exercises with mom for rehab. I was a good girl and did a 30 minute walk this morning. More hand quilting on my Millie quilt.

    Love your fabrics. They remind me of spring flowers peeking out. Large squares with spring green dashing popped into my head. Simple, but would sure show off those great fabrics. I know you will come up with something wonderful!

    • Good for you for getting that walk in! It is SO unbelievably windy today, I am getting my exercise just chasing cushions from the patio chairs and all the other stuff flying around the yard. Crazy!!

      You’re right, the fabrics would look great with green. I’ve already auditioned them with what I’m using for the Canning Season quilt…and they look fabulous. Maybe I’ll have some left! I’m thinking that big orange floral would be fabulous for the back.

  • Carmen R Wyant

    She has a new collection coming out soon. I’m waiting for that.

    • The latest one is pretty wonderful too!