I’m not in Houston…

All of my pals are in Houston this week…or so it seems. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve undoubtedly grown weary of me whining because I’m not there (but I have promised Julie and Deb, in the photo below that I WILL be there next year).

Julie Silber and Deb Ursell, The Quilt Complex

Yeah, well. Who among us has not had to miss Market or a show? It’s always hard because you know that everybody’s having a blast and seeing all sorts of wonderful things and…you’re not. Well, hey, it happens. Isn’t there an adage that says something like, “If you can’t join ’em, blog about ’em?” I’m pretty sure there is.

Stephanie, Janice, and Denniele


Typically, I would say that what happens at the quilt show stays at the quilt show, but these three have been awesome to keep me in the loop.



Deb Ursell, playing Vanna. Isn’t she beautiful?

I have gotten lots of updates from friends. I won’t share all of the photos of them since some might incriminate somebody  (only joking), but I will share a few that I especially love. It’s such fun seeing my friends from one place meet my friends from another place…my worlds collide and I love it!


I’ve also gotten or read several pieces of great news from friends and via Facebook, that 24/7/365 source of all things news and quilty. There is good news for all of us. There is so much cool stuff on the market now!

Where Poppies Grow

First, my buddies Denniele Bohannon (Louanna Mary Quilt Designs on Facebook) and Janice Britz (Bee Merry Farms on Facebook) are introducing their book, Where Poppies Grow: Quilts and Projects Honoring Those Who Served in World War I. I have put links up here on the blog and on Facebook to some of the blocks-of-the-month from the Kansas City Star that came directly from this book earlier this year, but now the book is done and you can get them all in one place. (Supposedly there is a book set aside somewhere just for me but, ahem, I haven’t seen it yet.)

Two of the quilts from Where Poppies Grow
Cultural Fusion Quilts

Second, Sujata Shah (The Root Connection debuts her book,Cultural Fusion Quilts. I have long been an admirer of Sujata’s way with color and shape, so I was so excited when she told me she’d written the book! I preordered mine so it should be coming soon. I really can’t wait until it gets here.

Third, Shelly Pagliai of Prairie Moon Quilts has announced that she’ll be writing the Kansas City Star’s 2015 block-of-the-month. Shelly speaks directly to my love of vintage pieces with this new project. Sadly, I don’t yet have a photo of her cover that I can share, but keep your eyes open for it, it’s going to be wonderful!

My pals took time out from their busy-busy-busy days at Market to hunt down my quilt, “Johnny B. Goode,” from the Inspired by the Beatles brainchild of Donna DeSoto. You’ve read here about the book in the past, but here’s a pic of my Johnny. It might be a bit of a cheat, but now I can say I’ve had a quilt hang in Houston. Sure, it wasn’t juried in, but it’s there. Just saying. Here’s proof:

Johnny B. Goode
Steph learns curved piecing!

And lastly, while this may not make publishing news, I think it’s a pretty big deal. Somebody got a pic of my pal Stephanie Adams of Savygirl Design doing curved piecing. If you’ve learned to do curved piecing, you know what a big deal that can be in your quiltmaking. I have a feeling Steph’s going to do some really amazing things with her new skill set.

Um…maybe they were just using this bear as an excuse to lie down?

So, while I could sit and feel sad that I’m not there (and, in truth, I am sad), I am so thrilled with exciting news for my pals! I’m also really grateful for their texts and photos of them doing goofy things. It’s nice to know they are thinking of me. I’m pretty sure they all know, too, that were I there, I would cheer, by far, the loudest of all for all of them.