I kind of lied, sort of, maybe, but not really

I kind of lied yesterday when I said I was going to stay home and clean. Well, it wasnt really a lie, necessarily, because I had every intention of doing it. And I did do some, not much but still some.

I visited our local Habitat for Humanity Restore, looking for a door to use as a desk top. I found exactly what I was looking for for $2.00. Yay me! But for some kooky reason, I didn’t buy it. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I will go back tomorrow for it. It did have a little ick-factor, and I will surely have to sand and prime it, maybe even give it a little cosmetic treatment, but once it’s painted, I think it’ll be great.

Since I was right there, next to a couple of antique malls, I had to take time to go look, right? In one, I found the poor tragic quilt photographed above. The tag read “Very old quilt. $50.” Very old. Ahem. Yeah, it dates to the mid-1800s. But $50 seemed a bit steep to me, that applique is completely tattered. I might consider buying it to pattern, but I think I’ve seen this design before, so it wouldn’t be anything new. Still, isn’t it sweet? Sad, but sweet.


The second antique mall produced a couple of fun pieces of milk glass. These two small lamps reminded me of one that was in my bedroom when I was little. They are pretty dirty and may need new cords (and lampshades), but for $3 each, I can swing for those and maybe even buy some lightbulbs.


This dish is sort of strange, but I bought it because it matches a pair of lamps we have that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. The lamps aren’t milk glass, but they are marble with the brass accent. I may have to go steal them from the guest room.


Today, no lie, I am going shopping. On a quick run through a third mall yesterday, I spied these red chairs. I didn’t get them because, believe it or not, I wasn’t sure I needed them. Hellooooo. They’re red! And, they are cheap. So I am headed back first thing to snag them before someone else lays claim. I would love to put them in my dining room, and even more I’d love to get rid of the oak stuff I have in there. Maybe these will be the push to make that change. I won’t buy all three, though, so if you want one, let me know and I’ll tell you where they are.


And then, for real, no lie, I am coming back home to muck out my office. It needs to get ready for its makeover soon, so I’ve got to sort and sift and get it emptied out.

I’m trying really hard to keep the budget down for spiffing up my house. There is more than enough furniture here for me to shop what I have and see if I can just move things around. I have ideas in my head, and picking up the small things I have helps make those ideas more concrete. Sometimes I fail at this, and sometimes I succeed. We shall see.

We’re meeting our friends for dinner tonight. With luck they will bring a certain sweet, chunky little 10-month-old who has the most squishable little thighs I’ve ever seen. But even if they don’t, it’ll be great to get to visit!

Have a terrific Friday!