How quickly can I make this? Quick!


Yesterday was a not-quite-as-much-sewing-as-I-thought day, but I still made a dent in a super quick quilt. 

I promised to show you the quick quilt I decided, rather impulsively, to make for my son. That was before I got a call from my parents to go to lunch. Never one to pass that up, I did not spend the day sewing after all. But I did get the cutting done and most of the piecing. I’ll show you in a sec.

About lunch: my parents and I, and my son when he can, will meet at our local Chick-Fil-A a couple of times a month for lunch. It’s almost always really busy (seriously, it is the best fast food place in town to go, always great food, always clean, always friendly). When we got there today, though, it was like a circus! There were cars everywhere and even people directing traffic in the parking lot. I soon learned that it was “receipt day.” That meant that, IF I can manage not to lose the receipt, if we go back in January or February, everything we bought today will be free. How amazing is that?

And now, that quilt…the quick one. When I was in the quilt shop Monday, I spied this great fabric, part of the Dapper Prints by Luke, for Moda. You can see more in the line here at Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Is this not just plain fun?

I quickly grabbed a few other bolts that I liked the look of with it, including a bigger piece of that linen texture I talked about yesterday, and basically started winging it. I was inspired by this plan from Quilt Theory:


There must be a name for my oh-so-scientific method of deciding how much fabric I need, but let’s just say I guessed at it. Yes, I could’ve used the requirements on the back of this card but since it was for a smaller quilt than I had in mind (I’m making a twin), and I wanted to do it a bit differently, I didn’t even look at them. I figured I’d sort it all out later. That’s what I did while I was prewashing the fabrics. Ish.

Sometimes I like the challenge of not having enough fabric or not enough for the way I see to do something. I’ve told you that before, right? It forces me to think, to solve a puzzle. I love puzzles. In this case it meant strategically cutting to get the repeats I wanted, and having to piece a little to fix where I cut myself short. No worries there.

Here’s where I got to:

Other than a few cross seams to piece pieces, there are only six long seams so far

All in all, it’s super simple, but I like the way the fabric does the work for me. I still have to cut the two side pieces (one long cut) of the gray linen texture (like the two strips on either side of the shoes), and sew four long seams. I expect to have it done by lunch time and basted by day’s end. Not bad, huh?

By the way, I’m using a peppered cotton in charcoal for the backing. I scored just enough of 108″ wide to not have to piece. That’s a definite win! (It’s the background of the photo at the top, in case you’re wondering.)

Now, sewn and basted are not done, I realize. I am not yet sure how I’ll quilt it, but I will probably just use all those glorious straight lines as guidelines. Even I can do that!

I don’t usually do strippy quilts like this, but I might be hooked. I am already imagining others to come. What is your favorite quick quilt?




  • Wendy Tuma

    How can you not like those shoes?! What fun fabric! I would have to say that one of my favorite quick quilts is of the stack and whack variety. Just stack it, whack it, sew it and the top is done (more or less). I haven’t done one in ages, but it’s the first that came to mind!

    • Lori East

      Oh, gosh, I hadn’t thought about those in a long time, but you’re right, they are fast!

      I needed a fast finish, and the fact that this one came out so well is great. Makes me happy!