How did I do with that handwork day? Getting another chance.


So you may wonder if I managed to stay on the couch all day yesterday. Well, yeah…no. But I am getting another chance today.

I had such grand plans…but after I thought I was done in the kitchen, I decided to make another batch of cookies. As if we needed them. Yes, I know. And then I baked the sourdough rolls. (And oh, were they ever worth the wait!) I just kept finding things I thought needed doing.

I finally sat down and stitched for a little bit but then my guys were hungry. And what do you do when it’s cold but feed people? We spent the evening playing “Clue.”

Church is cancelled for today and I have nowhere I have to be, so maybe I’ll give a handwork day another try. It’s a whopping -2 degrees out right now so I’m feeling pretty grateful for quilts and hot coffee today.

Stay warm, y’all!