Wednesday before Arkansas

Hey there! It’s Wednesday and I’m on my way to Arkansas. Well, not really on my way yet, but I will be soon!

How did it get to be Wednesday already? I think my mom is right. She has always said that the older you get the faster the time goes. So it seems. Yikes! The days fly by and I always feel like I am running to catch up.

So I really AM on my way to Arkansas. Just not literally. But the way time flies, it’ll be here that fast.

I am headed to Fort Smith on Monday to teach, “Now What?” during the day and present, “I Have This Quilt,” Monday evening. They’ve even been so kind as to ask me to stay over and do appraisals on Tuesday. I will be in Quilt Nirvana!

For both the workshop and the lecture, I ask participants to bring their quilts, tops, and blocks that they want to know what to do with. I am lucky to get to explore with them some of the options there are for dealing with these old pieces. There won’t be a whole lot of sewing going on, I don’t think (although you never know!). I ask students to bring a basic hand-sewing kit, just in case. Sometimes they can even start working on their quilt in class. I never know what kinds of things I’m going to get to see. Isn’t that the best? In my world, yes, yes, it is. Just like Christmas!

In the meantime, I am scrambling as always just to keep up with life. My baby (DON’T tell him I called him that) starts college Monday. *sniff* For the first time ever I won’t be home on his first day of school. Seriously, it’s all good. He is more than ready to jump into college and I am excited to see what’s in store.

On Saturday we got to celebrate birthdays. It was my dad’s 88th! It was also my husband’s birthday, but it’s kind of hard to top an 88th, don’t you think? We celebrated by going to breakfast, then spent some more time with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law later in the day. We could simply not have asked for better weather. It was not typical August weather in the least.


Last night we went out for supper and stopped in our city park to walk off some of what we’d eaten. It was really a lovely evening, not hot at all. It is a small park, covers about one block, but there are always interesting things to look at. It’s also a fun place to people-watch. I didn’t snap any pics of people, just things I saw:

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  • Wendy Tuma

    Happy 88th to your dad! What a lovely little park to stroll through; thanks for sharing the pictures! Have fun in Arkansas! It will be fun to hear about it when you’re back.

    • Lori East

      Funny how we so often overlook what is close by, huh? What I didn’t tell is that that park was originally a cemetery. All of the bodies were exhumed and moved later…all except Belle Starr’s brother. Nobody knew where he was so they couldn’t move him.

      • Wendy Tuma

        Interesting — who decided to move the cemetery, and why? I’ve not ever heard of moving an entire cemetery.

        • Lori East

          I have never taken time to research it, but the town has one huge cemetery a couple of miles away where, as I understand it, everybody was moved. That will be a fun rabbit hole to jump down some day.

  • Denniele Bohannon

    Great post!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Denniele! Proof that I am not really hiding in my blanket fort, eh? 😉

  • Becky Collis

    I love that you are able to find such beauty in a small place. We make our own joy sometimes, thank you for sharing! PS; your dad is a hottie!

    • Lori East

      Oh, Becky! He will be tickled to hear that.

      Yes, there so often is beauty that we can choose to find or choose to overlook. I like to seek it out.

  • How I do love going to walk with you.

    • Lori East

      I have a feeling we could walk for miles together!