Happy Monday!

Happy, Lori East Quilts, 70273

Happy Monday to you! It was 37 degrees (F) here when I woke up this morning to thoughts of my to – do list resounding in my brain. Argh. Get up and get to work or pull the blankets over my head? The struggle was real. Until I heard the coffee pot beep.

I did wait a bit before I went out to walk. This is my husband’s “late” morning, so I actually got to talk to him for a few minutes before he left. And…the coffee needed to kick in first.

Walking in these cool mornings makes me happy. I love watching the changes in the trees and fields. Today there was a light frost which made everything so pretty! Even the soybean fields which, admittedly, aren’t lovely at this stage in their lives, just glowed. (No, I could not capture that “glow” with my phone camera!) There was a little bit of fog too, although it promises to be a beautiful, clear day.

Happy, fog, Lori East Quilts
Low-lying fog makes an otherwise not-so-attractive view look better, doesn’t it?
Happy, fog, Lori East Quilts
I love that even though the beans are nearing the end of their life cycle, you can still see the rows in which they were planted.








Walking is easy right now also because I’m listening to a book I am really enjoying. It’s The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. Have you read it? Yes, I know I said I was going to quit with the World War II books, but…yeah. It is fairly long, but I am down to the last hour. Tomorrow’s walk might be a little longer than normal so I can finish it. After that, I will be lost since I’ve gotten so invested in these characters. I am not sure what I’ll read next. Any recommendations?

One of the first things I thought of when I woke up was the results of the weekend in terms of The 70273 Project. We made over 3400 blocks this weekend!! How about that? I am flat-out impressed. Watching this project grow into the force it is today has been so exciting! It really makes me happy to see people working together to support something so grand. I am anxious to get to work putting blocks together, but first I think I need to clean up my cutting table. I did manage to make nine more blocks yesterday, for a grand total of 56 for the weekend. I got credit for another 50 on which I needed to stitch down the fused x’s, but I didn’t make them.

Happy, table, Lori East Quilts
I can only show you a tiny bit of my table…it’s ALL this messy. Eeek!

I am doing deskwork today, though…and as usual, laundry! My life is so exciting, isn’t it? I am fighting hard to be happy where I am. Several of my friends are enjoying Florida this week (in different places, although a couple of them are together), and others are on their way to the AQSG annual seminar in Manchester, New Hampshire. Still others are getting ready to go to Houston. If I’m lucky, I might get to go to Target. Yes, I AM whining, now that you mention it. Ah well, can’t be helped, right?

Have a happy day! Let me hear what you’re up to?


  • Wendy Tuma

    You already know what I’m up to. I might even join you in the laundry fun. Not the Target run though. Nope. Not today. Coffee first.