Great News!

I got some great news the other day. My friend Teri emailed me and said that she was inspired by my blog to try her hand at making a quilt. See? Told you! Great news! Needless to say, I was tickled silly. Welcoming a new quilter into the fold is such fun, isn’t it?

She asked me two questions: Where do I buy my fabric, and what is the best book to help her get started. I think we all know that there are few places I won’t buy fabric (although I do have standards), so I am good in giving her tips there. I can definitely give her a little help in spending her money.

As far as books go, though, it’s been a long time since I actually bought any books, and I don’t remember having any that I started with. And, many of the books I do own are long out of print. So, I though you all might be able to provide some answers.

Could you help me out by going down to the comments here on the blog and leaving the title of the one book that you think is THE go-to for somebody just starting out? Please do leave comments here, and not on Facebook, so she’ll be sure to see your responses. Also, if you could leave a word of encouragement for her, it’d go a long way.

Thanks so much! I appreciate the help!

p.s. I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you in on my progress on Quilts of Valor Sew Day!

  • Tara Hart

    Welcome to the frey Teri!

    When I started out I read alot of quilting magazines. Grocery store checkout or the library are usually good places to find those. Most quilting books will give you patterns and ideas but what you probably need are the basics. The first rule – there are no rules! Only suggestions and opinions.

    Generally pieced quilts have 1/4″ seams (seam allowance), the seam allowance gets pressed to the darker fabric when possible. Something (like batting) is usually the middle layer and another fabric is the backing. Other than that, its pretty much up to your imagination.

    The internet is a great (most of the time) free resource, also accessible at the library. Applique is another style of making quilt tops, usually more curvy complex shapes, so a bit more challenging to do.

  • Linda Frihart

    My fav is QUILTER’S COMPLETE GUIDE by Fons and Porter. 2nd is QUILTS! QUILTS!! QUILTS!!!: The Complete Guide to Quilt Making by Diana McClun & Laura Nowles. I checked to see that they are in print and available on AMAZON. If she is a super visual learner, send her to the Tutorials that are all over the internet. I’m glad that I have had and still have had teacher’s who showed me the correct methods. Easier to learn the correct way than relearn. So glad that you earned another quilt star in your crown.

  • Doris Rice

    When I started many, many years ago, I was self taught and my first books were Eleanor Burns Quilt In A Day books.