Good Thing Thursday (Memory)


I think I told you before that Good Thing Thursday makes me think of the song, “Tell Me Something Good,” by Rufus & Chaka (yeah, it’s an oooooldie!). This week, though, in my memory, I’m hearing, “Good Thing,” by Fine Young Cannibals. It’s also an oldie, it came out in 1989.

One particular memory comes back to me when I hear the Fine Young Cannibals song. I was living in Germany when it came out. We had been at a dart tournament somewhere near Speyer, or maybe Hockenheim, and it was very late. Everyone was very drunk, except me, so I basically had a sleeping carload. As I drove back toward Worms on A61, I hit a rare moment in which there was absolutely no other traffic on the autobahn. There was no speed limit, no traffic, and nobody speaking. “Good Thing” came on the radio as I drove.

Bridge over the Rhein River. I drove this way to work every day.

I have very few other memories about that night except that moment of utter aloneness, driving as hard and as fast as I could on a wide black road. At that moment, I was strong and I was invincible. I could fly.



Memories, especially when we can have them with wisdom and hindsight, are a good thing, aren’t they? I could have no idea at that point in time what heartache and struggle the next five years would bring. I likewise had no idea of the joys in store in the future. In that moment, I was going to live forever.

So, wow. Who knew I’d get all philosophical over a silly memory? And yes, I do still like to drive fast.

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