Good Thing Thursday (3)

Well, hellllo Thursday! Y’all, I am really starting to look forward to Thursdays just because of this one day on the blog. I love hearing what’s happening good to everyone! Some folks don’t like to tell their good things in the comments, and that’s okay, but I especially love it when you do so that we can all feel just a little bit brighter. If you prefer to continue to message or email me, not to worry, but if you’d like, share in the comments below!

(Please note that you will have to create an account in Disqus OR sign in with Facebook for your account to show up here on the website. I hate hate hate having to ask people to do this but there it has been an amazingly helpful tool for keeping spam comments and creepy people out. Disqus is safe.)

So. Here it is. Your day to tell me something good. And yes, every time I type that, I am hearing this song. It usually stays with me all day.

The good things in my world just continue to multiply, but this week, I am feeling thankful for knowing that I have today, tomorrow, and Saturday free free free to work on stuff. I know, right? Three whole days! And…since this is an early morning for me and very quiet (my guys usually leave shortly after 6 for their men’s group, so I get up with them), I’m off to get started now.

You’re up next. I wish I could sing like Chaka because if I could, well, you know what it would sound like. But please, do, “Tell Me Something Good!”

See you next Thursday!

p.s. To keep this quilty (just in case you wondered), I’m still plugging along on the binding on the Christmas quilt. It should be #5 of 55 finishes. I’m a slow, slow binder, but it will be up very soon!

  • shelly

    It’s a good thing I’m still mobile after my little spill yesterday, and my truck is in the shop getting repaired. Now if the sun would just shine . . . I quilt faster when the sun is shining!

    • Lori East

      Being mobile is a huge deal, Shelly! Glad you are! And hooray for getting your truck repaired…that is always something I put off and put off and then am SO glad once I manage to get it in.

      No sunshine here, either, but my workroom’s in the basement so I can tell the difference.

      Hope you have a great day (and not TOO many aches from your spill)!

  • Wendy Tuma

    Well, I figured out how to join this discussion 🙂 I’m out of toilet paper so I have to go to the store 🙁 But the rest of the day I can quilt 🙂

    • Lori East

      Yeah, toilet paper is definitely not something to run out of, but it never takes long to get. Hooray that you get to quilt the rest of the day too! Enjoy it!

      • S Montgomery

        Unless you live in Venezuela. Apparently, they have a shortage.

        • Lori East

          Eeek! I hadn’t heard that.

  • S Montgomery

    My good news Thursday is I finished 7 of 8 year ends this week and I am going on a retreat with the board of the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild tomorrow. Whoop!

    • Lori East

      Woohooo! That’s wonderful!! Have a fabulous time!

  • cindy parry

    Fabulous Thursday! I spent the morning with a friend – tea and treats. Came home to lunch and gave treats to my feather-faced kids then up to the studio to get a little sewing done. I had a meeting with some friends at one of their homes where we bring our dinners and show our current and just finished projects – share in critiques and appreciation, problem solving, suggestions, etc. We got a little studio tour and then we did a lot of sharing of stories — I laughed so much I cried time and again!!! We went a solid 4 hours (6:30 – 10:30pm)… somehow! How time flew! I laughed and giggled all the way home!!!

    • Lori East

      Sounds indeed fabulous, Cindy! Wow! Not only did you get in friend time (which is HUGE in my world) but sewing time and food (also huge). Sounds like an absolutely perfect day!