Good Thing Thursday (2)

Whew! Thursday already! Time flies, doesn’t it?

If you remember from last week, this is the day that you tell me something good that’s happening in your world. Just leave me a comment below so all of us can read it and be happy with you!

I have several things this week:
1. My family is back on the low-carb plan. We  seriously overindulged through the Christmas break and now have to undo the damage and move ahead. Honestly, I am glad to be doing this. While I really love sweets, after any length of time at all, I start to feel slow and icky. For now I am avoiding all sugar. Yay!

2. I’m off to the eye doctor this morning for a check up. I have suspected that I needed to update my prescription for quite a while so getting this checked off my list is a very good thing.

3. A dear friend of mine has been waiting to hear whether or not she would get a job that, honestly, just seemed made for her. I can’t give the details but have it on good intelligence that it’s a go.

So now it’s your turn. Tell, tell! What’s happening good in your world?

  • cindy parry

    Just signed up for your newsletter! A good though late start for “good thing Thursday”. I went to lunch with a friend at Pierpont’s at Union Station and then spent all afternoon at the DaVinci art exhibit there. It was huge! Part was interactive and we learned a lot and talked a lot about the displays and DaVinci. The lunch and the art were “good things to do on Thursday”. I actually made dinner tonight; we had been going out since Saturday night so as not to make too many dirty dishes as our dishwasher was broken and finally got fixed late Wednesday. Anyway, as a side for dinner I made a baked potato that was particularly delish smothered in sour cream and a special herbed salt powder a gourmand friend made for us – another “good thing Thursday”.

    • Lori East

      So glad you’re signed up, Cindy!

      Your Thursday sounds wonderful!! I need to check out the DaVinci exhibit and suspect I’d better block out a whole day for it.

      Yum, baked potatoes! I adore them. Am off of them for now with the low-carb thing, but soon I will be eating them again…or the skins anyway (my favorite part!). Tell me more about this salt powder?

  • cindy parry

    My friend replied that the salt is made up of dried parsley, thyme and chives. We ground the dried herbs in a coffee grinder and added course salt until it got to the ‘color’ we liked. Too dark and it would be too herby and too white and it wouldn’t be herby enough. That is it. It is also pretty good on popcorn.

    • Lori East

      Sounds delicious! I have a similar mix I bought that contains dried orange peel, garlic, and…can’t remember what else, but it’s terrific on fish. I might have to play with making some.