Giving thanks

It is, as I type, Thanksgiving Eve. Yes, yes, that IS what you call the day before Thanksgiving when you have to order pizza for supper because you were so focused on getting what you needed to cook The Big Dinner that you forgot what you were going to cook the evening before. Or, in my case, because I have worked like a demon knocking out a big pile of appraisals and didn’t even think about supper until just now. But guess what? I’m DONE! For the first time in…three…four…five…a bunch of months, I have no appraisals waiting to be finished. I love my work but I am feeling really great to have them all done.

Yes, I do have a few folks waiting to hear from me to get the ball rolling, but for this moment, these few days, I am going to not think about them. I have a note in my planner to remind me. (Have I told you I bought an Erin Condren planner? More on that another day, just suffice it to say that it was the best money I’ve ever spent.)

Vacation starts for real now. I did have a mini one…We spent a couple of days this last weekend in Branson with my husband’s parents. They took us to see two shows AND two films at the IMAX. It seems that what we did the most of was EAT, though. Yikes! I think there might be a month’s worth of salads on the menu around here soon. Abundance was the word there.

I also did my part in keeping the local economy booming. I managed to fit in some serious retail therapy. Yes, of course it was fun! There are some great shops at Branson Landing, and a few I like to visit at the outlet mall too (I’m looking at you Coach and Fossil). I was pleased to find some things that fit my style (no matter how odd others find it) and grateful I hadn’t spent everything I earned this year on quilts and fabric.

My mother-in-law and I managed to fit in a trip to Quilts & Quilts. Since we’re both quilters, it was pretty high on the list. Have you ever been there? It is a wonderful, huge store, full of so many good things. ┬áThe ladies working were so helpful and just plain nice. I didn’t buy a lot of quilt fabric but I did find a couple of great Art Gallery jersey knits to make this top from. Mine will look more like the one at bottom right, longer and with longer, straighter sleeves.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sewn knits…will have to hunt for the right needles in my stuff (or go buy some) since my usual sharps won’t work. But, truly, I can’t wait to get started. The fabrics feel just lovely. They’re in the wash as I type, so it won’t be long. Since it’s been so long since I’ve sewn with fabric like this, though, I do plan to take time to sew some samples before I start on the actual garment. Here’s when I’m glad for the hours my mom patiently walked me through garment construction all those years ago. I learned to sew with those slinky knits (double-knits too) in the 70s, remember them? We thought they were the greatest things ever. Fortunately, today’s knits are a completely different animal. Sewing them isn’t so different, but wearing them surely is! If you never wore the early synthetics, trust me, you have something big for which to be grateful.

Ordinarily I would be full steam ahead getting ready for Thanksgiving: baking pies, thawing a turkey, scrubbing floors, all that. Honestly, I think it is one of the easiest meals to make, but I am not going to do it this year. When The Boy and I had lunch with my parents last week, we decided that it would be okay if we all went out to eat. I know, it seems a little weird, but it’ll be fine. You see, tomorrow is also the anniversary of the day I married The Man. It’s been twenty-one years, which I still can’t believe. (Yes, I would do it again. In a minute!)

We didn’t get married on Thanksgiving Day, it was actually the Saturday after. But we went out to eat that time too since there were way too many other things happening, as you might guess. I am so glad that we have the option of going out. In a perfect world, I probably wouldn’t make that choice, but once in a blue moon doesn’t hurt anyone and we are still all able to be together. And, the no-dirty-dishes part doesn’t bother me either.

And after the Thanksgiving Anniversary, what else am I doing? I could tell you that I am going to clean house and put up Christmas decorations but that would be a big, fat LIE. I am going to sew. A lot. A way lot.

So, besides the fact that I and my family are alive and well, I have a bazillion other reasons to be thankful. And so very thankful I am.

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!

  • Bill V.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary! I’m thankful for France. I’m having coq au vin and macarons, maybe some wine, too.

    • Lori East

      Thanks! It’ll be a fun day, partly because there will be PIE.

      Coq au vin, eh? That’ll work! Enjoy!!