Gathering up the Fragments, Part 2…using fabric and fusibles


Remember yesterday, I showed you how to make fabric from all of your fragments? Today I’m going to assume that all you have are fabric bits, and maybe a little ribbon. Fair enough?

You’ll also need a sheet of fusible web. In this case, I’m using Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 because that’s what I had on hand. You can use whatever you like, but it does help if one side is sticky.

Lite Steam-A-Seam 2

I cut one sheet in half for this bit of fabric. I knew I wouldn’t need much! Then I peeled off one side of the two protective sheets and laid the sticky side up on my worktable. Keep that protective sheet you pulled off, you’ll need it in just a second.

As with yesterday’s gather, I took a pile of fabric scraps and put them on the table beside me. These can be fairly large 1-2″ square. Lay one scrap down in the middle of the sheet of Steam-A-Seam. Make sure you smooth it down lightly so it sticks. Pick up another scrap and place it next to the first, slightly overlapping edges. Add another scrap on any side and continue until the whole sheet is covered. You may notice that I have lots of raw and raggedy edges. For me, they suit the purpose and feel of the blocks I’m making, and I love the texture they give. You are certainly welcome to cut the edges of your fragments smoothly.

Fragment fabric, raggedy edges and all

Take the sheet to the ironing board and, using the protective sheet you pulled off the Steam-A-Seam, press the fabric.

Press with the protective paper on top

Flip the fabric over and press again from the back side without the paper. I press to the count of ten-Mississippi and stop.

Pressing from the back side

To make sure everything is fused down, I pick up the corner of the piece (after it’s cooled a bit), and wave it around like a flag. If nothing falls off, it’s fused. (Yes, I know, this is so technical!)

All fused down, nothing loose

I used this fabric to cut strips to fuse to white cotton for more red XX blocks. You could certainly do lots of other things with it! Even though it is fused down, I still stitched over many of the raw edges since these quilts will see a lot of folding and unfolding. If your piece is only going to hang on a wall, you may not need to do that.

See how the mix of fabrics creates a whole new texture?
What a fun mix of fabrics!

I did cut my strips rather randomly on these blocks because that was just what I felt like doing. You could cut any shape you like.

So…what do you think? Will you use this technique? How else could you think to use it? Feel free to ask any questions at all.

Tomorrow is the Sunday Sewcial! Will you be here? I’ll have some fun questions to ask you!

See you then!


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