Friday Fixer-Upper

split seam, Lori East Quilts, Friday, fixer-upper

Happy Friday! I have another fixer-upper to show you this week.

This quilt came home with me recently from one of my favorite “junk stores.” That’s my name for antique malls. Seriously, can you think of a better name? They sell so much junk that those of us who are looking for serious things have to rat through to find our treasures. Just kidding, of course. I know a lot of people do consider all the stuff junk, but you can find me on any given day looking for whatever I can find: quilts, of course; tops; linens; milk glass; books; furniture (occasionally); lamps; crocks; quilts; blocks; quilts…well, you get the idea. Going to these stores is my typical Friday or Sunday afternoon fun.

Friday, quilt, Lori East Quilts, vintage
Although this shows kind of peach-colored in photos, it’s actually pink. Scroll down for close-ups.

It’s an “Improved Nine-Patch,” from the late 1930s (possibly early 40s). I typically don’t care much for this pattern, especially when it’s done on muslin, but I loved the overall feel of this one. It’s just so soft looking.

It does have a few problem areas: first up are a couple of split seams. These won’t be any big deal to fix. I was especially happy that it doesn’t seem to have been washed since these seams came apart (AND that it isn’t exceptionally dirty).

split seam, Lori East Quilts, Friday, fixer-upper
Can you see the split?
Friday, split seam, Lori East Quilts, Friday, fixer-upper
Another split







You might have noticed another problem: that batting. It is cotton, but seriously lumpy and just generally icky. Fortunately, the top is tied with green cotton thread. It’s way easier to snip all those ties than it is to unquilt something. It’s tedious, but not hard.

split seam, Lori East Quilts, Friday, fixer-upper
There are LOTS of ties

And yes, I will snip them all. It isn’t at all usable as-is, and I think it would look fabulous quilted nicely. It may not end up with the same backing, though…that is a lot of yardage and I could think of other things to do with it. I am reasonably sure I have something else that would work. If not, I might have to buy something. Darnit!!

When do I plan to work on this? Dunno. It really needs to be taken apart outside. That batting would be a mess inside. Maybe if I wait until spring the birds can take away the puffs that fly out and use it in their nests?

What would you do with this? Any ideas for quilting it?

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