Finish #3

I had thought that the cowl I knit was going to be my third finish but sadly, it’s still lying in a heap waiting for me to finish grafting it. Once again, I made a mistake in the grafting and am debating whether to rip it again. I’ll decide soon, I promise.

But! In the meantime, I have another small finish. And yes (don’t laugh), it’s left over from Christmas.

This is not it. It IS all quilted and ready to be bound, though!

You might remember that I had a runner, placemats, and napkins that I made with the scraps from the quilt above (which, if you must know, is still awaiting its binding). Yes, I am hanging my head and feeling sheepish. You can read more about the quilt here, and how thrilled I was when it came back from my friend Phyllis Arnett, quilter extraordinaire. (Sorry, Phyllis, I am SLOW to get around to bindings!) I didn’t post the extras here, but I showed the ones I finished on Facebook early in December, just after I’d pieced and quilted them.

The runner, pre-binding

Enter Christmas. We all get insanely busy at Christmas, don’t we? It’s my favorite time of the year and I invent all sorts of have-to-do tasks in some kooky mindset that I am going to make it all just perfect. Are you with me? I know, I know, perfection is overrated. I don’t think we can achieve it, but you know how it is, right? You just want everything to be just so.

Mats and napkins
Placemats and napkins. All I added was the pieced bits on the outer edges.

I knew we were having Christmas dinner here with my parents. Five people. Total. I was busily stitching bindings on the mats (by hand), and making napkins (and making cookies and fudge and all those things that helped me gain back part of the thirty pounds I’d lost–part, definitely not all, thank Heaven). I had eight all ready to be finished. But I didn’t really need all eight, did I? So, I finished five of them. Yes, only five. *sheepish look, again* I see you rolling your eyes there. Yes, I do.

But guess what? I now have a complete set of eight. Yes, three napkins and three placemats make up finish #3 of 55 finishes for this year.

All done!
All done!

A finish is a finish. At least I am not counting these as SIX finishes. I could have, you know. Well, no, not really. While they are six separate pieces, they belong to a set, so I am only counting the whole set done. So actually, my three finishes are a potholder block (hand-quilted), a small quilt (also hand-quilted), and now these three napkins and placemats. Those are my finishes so far. Only 52 to go.



Cute, huh?

And the quilt I made the mats and napkins from? It’s separate. A separate finish. I do not plan to use the quilt on my table (although I could), but will instead throw it over the back of the couch. Different room, different use, different project. It will be done in time for next Christmas so when the festivities are all done I can lie down on the couch under it and rest. Yes, just rest. Or sleep. Okay, I will sleep under it. That’s what quilts are for, right?

So cheery in the morning sun

Anyway, I digress. Project #3 is done and that’s what this post is celebrating. Number 4 will be coming soon.

How are you doing with your finishes this year?

  • shelly

    You’re doing great! Naturally, I chose a LARGE project for my first finish, and I’m still slaving away on it. But hopefully sometime in January, I’ll have at least 1 finish! I wish I had some things that only needed binding — I’m fast at that, and I could really knock out the numbers — but alas, all mine need a bit more work than that. Ugh!

    • Lori East

      Thanks! Trust me, I have a LOT more that need more than binding (which I am unbearably slow at). I am scared of running out of things that are ready to finish…but I AM working on the rest of it, just behind the scenes.

      You are way better than I am about finishing things once you’re to that point, I lay them aside and then get myself in trouble.

      Can’t wait to see what you finish!