Finish #2

Finish #2
Finish #2

Ta-da! Here it is, finish #2 for 2016. Finally!

I started this little wholecloth quilt in a hand-quilting class in Coral Springs, Florida, in 1999. Yes, that long ago. Why wasn’t it finished sooner? I’ll tell you. I started this when my son was just a wee one. I got busy, as we all do, moved a couple of times, and would sit down with it every so often and work a bit. It soon became my “practice piece,” the one I’d pull out when I hadn’t stitched anything in a while and felt like I needed to warm up. Then I’d put it away again. Another move or two and it ended up buried with other UFOs. But when I found it not long ago, I decided it was time to give the poor thing a finish at long last.

It is 20″ square, and was marked with a commercial stencil (probably from The Stencil Company. The batting is Hobbs Thermore which is really nice to needle. It’s very thin polyester and is great for small things, has a lovely drape. I don’t know that I would use it for a bed quilt because I don’t really want to sleep under polyester, but I’ve done other wall quilts with it and liked it very much.

I finished the quilting just after Christmas and laid it aside again, in the ABD pile (all but done). It ended up high on my list of things I wanted to finish this year so I put the binding on (I had actually kept the bit of fabric for its binding folded with it, intact–a minor miracle!) and, while stitching that, decided it wasn’t really done until it had a label and a sleeve. Will I hang it? Who knows, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Finish #2 center

This piece is fun for me to look at. My stitching goes from huge in the center, where I started, to fairly respectable in the feathers. It is not consistent and not even, thanks to all the starts and stops. But I can actually remember quilting some of those parts and what I was thinking at the time so it’s a sort of time capsule for me. No one else would know, but I am ¬†amused.


Finish #2 feathers

Solid colored things are tough to get photos of, but you can get an idea what it looks like. It took two washes and a soak to get it presentable. Years of pencil markings were tough to get out. There were also a couple of blood spots (remember, I got this out when I hadn’t been stitching in a while. It bore the marks of sore fingers!) In the end, all of the markings are not gone and there’s a trace of blood still on it. But it’s done, it’s mine, and I am pleased.

Finish #2
From the corner

So, there you go. My second of 55 finishes for the year.

How are you doing with your finishes?


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  • Teri

    Praying for a safe return for your kitty! Despite our best intentions, these critters have a mind of their own! As to organization, I am fairly organized [my pantry is alphabetized] but some days I just have to remind myself that in the long run it won’t have really mattered if things got a little messy. Can you imagine our Heavenly Father saying, “Well, your beans and tomatoes were in order, but there were dust bunnies under your bed. So, to the basement level you go!”? Nah, me neither. Sometimes the fact that my family is clothed and fed is accomplishment enough!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Teri. I hope he does come back. I miss the little clown.
      Yeah, organizing…probably doesn’t matter in the overall scheme but in the meantime, it makes me nuts!

  • shelly

    I hope your kitty finds his way home! One of our kitties did that a long time ago. We took her all the way to town with us — she was riding on the spare tire underneath the truck. Luckily, when she jumped out we saw her, and we were able to catch her. She rode home on the dashboard! If it’s just a mile, maybe he’ll find his way back. Ours sometimes range nearly that far, when they’re just out cattin’!

    Love your finish #2. So far, you’re ahead of me. I need to get crackin’!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, I hope he does too! I don’t think he usually ranges that far, but I am hoping his “radar” will kick in and he can find his way. Little stinker!!

      I’m hoping for more finishes soon, but #3 is about to send me around the bend.