Finish #1 of 55

signature block

It’s small but it’s a finish! I made this cute little snowflake “potholder” block in 2014, not long after I wrote my signature quilts lecture. I hand-quilted it last year. I kept putting it back in the bin with the quilts for that lecture so it just didn’t get finished. But yay me! It’s done now.

That’s #1 of 55 finishes I plan for this year. Want to know more about that? Read this post and be sure to sign up to get email notification of my finishes in your in box. It’s sure to be a fun journey!

And no, it really isn’t wonky (although it surely looks it!). I laid it over the back of my chair as soon as it was done so I’d remember to get a photo. So, there you go.

Here’s a pic of the back. You can see a little more of the quilting.

Signature block
The back is a reproduction double pink

I’ll be telling you a little more about my signature quilts and how this block came to be very soon…

Stay tuned!