What you find when you’re not looking…


It’s amazing what you can find when you aren’t looking.

The other night I was digging in a big basket that I’ve kept all sorts of sewing debris in for years. I can’t remember now what I was hoping to find, but look what worked its way to the top of the pile:

This stack of EPP stars

And under that:

More stars! Smaller this time

And this:

See anything odd about it? We’ll call this Exhibit A

It might be hard to see what’s strange about that star. I’ll show you some closer pics:

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Honestly? I laughed when I found it. I laughed partly because it had been tucked away for so long. How long? Nearly ten years, believe it or not. I remember well the night I came home and found it chewed up. We had not had our dog Hosanna for very long and she was struggling to become a grown-up girl. She still like to chew.

Hosanna was a shelter find, about six months after I had put down our beloved Toby. We had gone to the shelter just to look, and found her. My rule is always to sleep on whether or not to bring a dog home before we do, and we did that with her. But when I was online that same evening, I found her listing at the shelter. She had been there for four months. Knowing that, at that time, it was a kill-shelter, I ran around the house like a crazy woman telling my husband and son that we had to go back and get her! First thing the next morning, she came home with us.

Here she is at about age four

She has been a good, good dog. They say that dogs don’t show gratitude, but I beg to differ. From the day she came to live with us, Hosanna has always shown her thanks. It’s hard to define how, but she does. If you offer her a piece of food, she gladly takes it, but if you offer to pet her first, she stands patiently, soaking up the attention. She is sweet and gentle, unless she thinks you might hurt one of us.

Since she was about ten months old when we got her and had been running the streets before that, housetraining was a chore and a half. She tried so hard to be good, but just didn’t quite know how. Believe me, she tested my patience, but she was so sweet, I couldn’t be mad at her. And, she didn’t have too many other bad habits, except the occasional chewing. Enter Exhibit A above.

I also laughed when I found this because, although we still have Hosanna, she has slowed down considerably. She is nearly eleven years old now, getting up there for a Lab. She wouldn’t chew anything that isn’t hers now. And she’s still housetrained. Thank goodness!

I will be heartbroken when her time comes. And it will. I’ve had to say goodbye to other dogs, and it’s always horrible.

I could fix this block fairly easily, but for now, I might just hang onto it as-is to remind me of that young, sweet dog who has made us her family for so long. Having her love us is worth far more than a scrap of fabric any day.

  • Teddy Pruett

    Darn you. Had to reach for a tissue.

    • You would like my Hosanna, Teddy. She’s a DAWG. A sweet, sweet dawg. And she’s MY girl, always hanging with me wherever I am in the house.