Did you ever have one of those weeks?

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Hey there! It’s only Tuesday, I know, but I am really having one of those weeks.

I sometimes wonder who thought cramming so much stuff into my schedule was a great idea. Or, as one of my friends says, “It looked good on paper.” I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean.

I have about eighty bazillion things I need to be doing, eighty bazillion more I want to be doing, and in all actuality, only maybe two I can be doing at any given time. I’m a lousy multitasker. Seriously, can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time. I can drink coffee while doing just about anything, though. Didn’t want you to worry.

But let’s talk about fun stuff, shall we? What have YOU been up to?

Lori East quilts, weeks
Another one done–or almost!

I spent most of Saturday working on the latest top for The 70273 Project. After making the ones I did last weekend, I still have enough left over for one more top, maybe a middling, and a touch quilt (if Jeanne will let me make it middling-sized).  I got the borders on another of the quilts (the ones I’ve had for just a bit longer than I meant to), and then cut the borders for another. And then I ran out of white fabric. I know I bought more, and have a couple of vintage sheets that I can use for backing, and some batting. Unfortunately, it is all hiding from me. But I know I have it…somewhere.

Speaking of 70273…I had a fun thing happen. The other day, one of the ladies who is bagging up block supplies to go to Houston, posted a photo of some of the women who are helping her out. And there, in the midst of all those lovely faces, was my friend Sierra. Sierra and I got to be friends several years ago after she came to visit her sister, Heather. (Heather and I met at church She is truly one of the coolest people I know.) Heather has since moved, and I am pretty sure Sierra has as well, but I have stayed in touch with both of them (loosely, mind) via Facebook. I would have known that face anywhere, though. How fun is that? It really did my heart good to see that she, too, is involved in the project.

By the way, that photo up at the top? Those were my coffee visitors when I was resting after my walk yesterday. It was a funny thing, my kitty Ralph came running in from the trees, as if he were being chased. I kept hearing crashing in the leaves, so I figured something was after him. You can imagine my surprise when these deer showed up. They seemed to be as surprised as I was, they stood there for a long time, not 30 feet away from me. There actually was one more but you can’t see it in the photo.

Since my brain seems to be kicking in early-early lately (well, that, and the fact that the coffee pot beeps on at 5:00), I get impatient to go walk. Yes, I could go at 5:00 but it’s really, really dark in my neighborhood and I’m scared of the dark. So I have to hang around and drink coffee until the sky lightens a little. If I time it right, I can be doing my last lap just as the sun comes up. The last couple of mornings I’ve even run part of my walk…not because I really wanted to run but because it’s chilly! We’re in the lower 40s in the mornings now and I do love it, but brrr! I’m hoping to get out tomorrow to find a warmer jacket, at least something to cut the wind! I could really use another pair of long pants too, those capri tights are just not doing it for me anymore.

Speaking of tomorrow (we were, weren’t we?), I am doing something fun. I’m going to a place called Forge to make some curtains. Nineteen windows of curtains. They won’t be complicated, so it isn’t a huge job. Honest. And it’s for a good reason. And what is Forge? It is one of the best programs of its kind (and they are few) that I’ve seen.

Forge, or the proper name, The Forge Center for Work and Virtue, is a program easiest described as an offshoot of the Watered Gardens Mission. Watered Gardens, in itself, is pretty darned cool. You have to like a place that uses as its tagline, “A hand up, not a hand out.” But Forge, directed by a dear friend, brings a few men at a time out of the mission to enter a program in which they live separately from everyone else and undergo a strenuous education program. They have lessons in just about everything, from health to govenment and job preparation to Bible study. All of it is designed to help them build a solid foundation and learn to live a healthy, responsble life. When they’ve graduated from the program, they are allowed to move to a halfway house and continue to work on their skills. I have been so impressed by how well the graduates have done. And, as I said, my friend is the director, and she has always amazed me, but there is not a job out there for which she could have been better suited.

So, the curtains. When Forge finally got their own building to move into, demo and renovation began in earnest. I was privileged to see what was happening and noted that none of the windows had curtains. And, I do sew, after all. I promised then (this was summer) that I could take care of it. Fast forward to tomorrow, a week before their Open House, and well, yeah. As usual, I am amazingly prompt. Or not. But we’ll get them done! I promise to try to get photos!

For today, I’m still doing paperwork and laundry. Those two never really end and that is a good thing! I do love my job. Okay, laundry I don’t really love but I am grateful for clothes to have to wash and a way to do them. I’m starting to get things actually into my calendar (instead of just a pile of sticky notes in my bullet journal), and it looks like I’m going to have a couple of weeks open for travel to teach workshops or lecture in 2018. Does your group need or want something new? Give me a holler, I would love to come!

In the meantime, thanks for reading. Feel free to share with your friends. And have a great day!

  • cindy parry

    I had to smile as I read your blog. I think we may be related. HA! I just came out of the week (12 days) of “that” week as of this past weekend. Now I’m trying to catch up and be responsible within my household rather than fun, though admittedly occasionally stressful, quilt-y related commitments. I’m ticking them off the to-do list (except for this minor detour). Pedal to the floor girlfriend.

    • We do what we do, don’t we? 😃 And yes, pedal to the floor, indeed. The only way through it is through it! But seriously, sometimes…