Easter Wednesday

A Bradford pear tree in my front yard. It has taken some serious abuse but just keeps blooming its little heart out every spring.

Good morning and happy Easter Wednesday! Easter is seriously early this year but spring has come early too, so here we go. Although there are things blooming (the jonquils are done but the forsythia are in full blaze), yesterday marked one of the days I look forward to every spring. I looked at the hardwood trees (mostly black walnut) and noticed that very slight soft green veil they wear when they have all started to leaf out, however slightly. That, for me, is the sure sign that spring is really here. It’s kind of funny, I watch day-by-day and then one day, boom, it’s there. Even my scraggly little dogwood tree is trying to bloom (traditionally, they bloom on Easter so it’s right on time!).



Poor Ethel hates the wind so much she goes from door to door meowing to be let in

It’s been crazy windy here lately. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate wind? I didn’t like it even before the tornado but I dislike it even more now. My kitties hate it too. They hang out close the the doors, hoping to dash in at any opportunity. I can’t say I blame them, the wind has been of the howling, window-rattling sort.

I’ve had a lot going on on the home and personal front this week, although I don’t have much to show for it, I’m afraid. I’ve neither sewn nor knit a single stitch. How sad is that?


I finished reading The Alchemist the other day. Although it has gotten hundreds, maybe thousands, of rave reviews, I can’t say that I am among the folks who loved it. It’s a simple story, a riff on an old classic, and seemed a bit too…too…neat and tidy for my taste. Theologically, I disagree with it, but depending on your worldview, some would like it.

EasterImmediately after I finished reading that, I picked up Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. A friend recommended it so I thought I’d give it a try. The early chapters talk about the Chinese practice of foot binding (the story takes place in the early-mid 19th century in China). The practice was barbaric and disgusting, and that’s all I can say about that.

I’m hoping to finish reading that one by tomorrow since it’s due but I have a sneaking suspicion I might need to renew it.


Grape hyacinths I planted years ago. Although the yard is full of weeds right now, I can hardly stand to mow since these have come up everywhere!

Since Easter is coming, and I’ve invited my parents over, I’ve been thinking a lot about food (Aldi has fresh asparagus for $1.29/pound today AND eggs for .78/dozen), but not really cooking anything unusual. For example, tonight I’m making a chicken pot pie using refrigerated crust, canned chicken, and frozen vegetables. Nothing complicated. I will probably make pie for Easter (not using store-bought crusts this time!), but haven’t decided what kind yet. Maybe coconut cream?




This little guy was on my back steps the other day. He/she was SO tiny, about the size of your pinky fingernail.

Sometime between now and Easter I’ll be roasting Brussels sprouts again. The last time I made them they were so good I could barely get them on the table. I managed to hit that perfect spot where there are lots of crunchy bits around the edges. I had bought a pound and a half of them and that was barely enough to feed the three of us. This week I bought an extra pound. There are worse things than Brussels sprouts to binge on, right?

There has been lots of music playing at my house when I’ve been home. I’m still listening to classical on Spotify. It’s a good backdrop for whatever is going on.


EasterI received my prize from the Instagram contest hosted by Karas Kustoms yesterday. There was this great pen, a notebook (full of dot-grid paper), some stickers, and a cool machined bead (which immediately went on my keychain) in the box. What a fun gift! And can I tell you that there will almost certainly be more pens from them? I love the feel of this thing!

I am still trying to spend a few minutes every morning sketching. I can’t tell that I will ever get any better, but I am enjoying making new little doodles. I may use some of them in my bullet journal, I may not. I am still hanging in there with that in my old lined notebook, but will be moving into a brand-new book soon. I really wanted to feel like I had a handle on what I was doing before I committed a bunch of ink to a real book. It isn’t that I’m afraid of making mistakes because they are inevitable, but I just wanted to understand how it was going to work first (and I didn’t want to waste the paper in my old book). It’s a little bit different way of looking at your daily to-do list and future planning, but I feel like I’m hitting my stride with it.


Other than this stuff, I have been obsessed with new shoes lately. I haven’t bought too many pairs, but I have spent an unhealthy amount of time trolling the internet for something fun. I’m kind of liking these right now. What do you think?

Vince Camuto ‘Evel”

So, Easter is coming. It’s a big deal in my world and is all about the cross. The celebration actually starts tomorrow for us with a Maundy Thursday church service. You may recall that this was the day that Christ had His last supper (yes, the Last Supper) with the twelve disciples before He was betrayed by Judas Iscariot. Good Friday will be quiet. It is the commemoration of the day that Christ was crucified. Sunday is, of course, Resurrection Day, the day that Christ returned to life for the eternal benefit of His people. It is a very big deal indeed. Although I celebrate my life in Christ every day, it’s wonderful to have an official day to savor it with my loved ones.


Lest you think all this leaves no room for chocolate bunnies or Easter eggs, I can tell you that there just might be some jelly beans tucked away (the red ones are my favorites–my son was probably eleven before he even knew there were red jelly beans in the bag), and if you need a holiday as a reason to buy chocolate, I just pity you. Ahem.

No matter how you celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!