Crisis averted…and maybe some new stuff too

Okay, fabric emergency over, crisis averted. I think. I found quite a few things yesterday at Blue Top. Part of them were even what I was looking for. Let’s just say I kind of made up for not visiting the shop recently.

Almost everything I bought has a purpose, so I count them as necessities. I did need some things for Chris’s quilt, and that’s what I went for, so I sought those out first. I could’ve stopped there but who isn’t thinking ahead when they buy fabric? And who doesn’t get distracted?

Wool batting was something I definitely needed
These were not on my list, necessarily

I found this awesome bundle of Brushstrokes, by Pepper Cory, for Studio E fabrics. You may not know of my love for Pepper’s fabrics, but I assure you, it is real. So, when I found the bundle, I snatched it up. I have absolutely no plans for it, but who cares? It will find its way into lots of things, I’m sure.


Jeannie, the shop owner, also had a big display of these linen textures by Makower. As a girl who doesn’t love solids, I surprised myself by being so drawn to them. The texture is lovely, and the colors rich. I may have bought several pieces. Ahem.

Kindly ignore the dust and sadly wilted African violet leaves

The three pieces shown here actually do have a purpose. I want to use them to try out a pattern I’m writing. You will see them again as soon as that goes onto the front burner. It may not happen quickly, though. I am a bit slow.

For today, I am off to do a quick quilt for my son. Yes, he does need another quilt. Not really, he just needs me to finish something. And yes, “quick.” Heh. But I think this will piece quickly. The fabric is already washed and pressed, so it’s waiting for me to get to work! Come back tomorrow to see the wonderful fabrics and how far I get piecing.

See you then!

  • Wendy Tuma

    You picked up some good things! The Pepper Cory fabrics will be fun to use in many different ways. The first photo of fabric had me right away! Can’t wait to see what you are up to!

    • Lori East

      Soon, Wendy! I still need to dye a couple of things and I need to have all the stars aligned just so for that. 😉