Creativity Challenge

I procrastinated a bit on this week’s creativity challenge. It was a simple task: create your initial. We could create it with anything we wanted.

This seemed simple enough to me (which is why I procrastinated). How hard is it to make an ‘L’? As I was thinking about what kind of materials I wanted to use the other morning, I looked up and saw a Starbucks bag on my counter (surprise!), and thought it would be perfect. (I recycle paper bags in all sorts of ways, I think you could say I have a fondness for brown paper.) As I emptied the pound of Casi Cielo into my canister, I thought the foil package might be fun to use. Then I found the cardboard envelope that had held a gift card. That would work too!

So, I had some materials but didn’t really know what I was going to do until Thursday evening when I finally took a few minutes to make it. After a hunt for my paper scissors (which made me realize how desperately I need to clean up my workroom), I made it quickly and without much forethought. I like working that way, just by the seat of my pants. I probably won’t make any great art that way, but I surely enjoy doing it.

When I started cutting up the bags, the foil one was a bit of a mess but my workroom smells heavenly! I cut not one but two Ls out of pale blue cardstock, found a piece of cardboard and layered it on the paper bag (with handle still intact to act as a hanger). I felt I needed these layers to act as a sort of substrate. I then just layered the remaining bits along with some buttons, a few stitches, and other bits and pieces. True to my paper-loving roots, I inked the edges of most of the paper pieces and added a few inked highlights.

“Casi Cielo” means “almost Heaven.” In the case of this coffee, that’s true!

So there you have it, my junk art initial. I could definitely do some more to it and I could enjoy making some other Ls, but for now, this is fine. Wasn’t that fun?

On to the next challenge!

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  • shelly

    I love it! And I think it was sheer genius to use the handle of the bag as your hanger. And where did you get that corrugated-looking stuff? I wanted to make one of mine out of something like that, but can’t find any.

    • Lori East

      Thanks! The corrugated stuff is actually corrugated cardboard that I ripped part of the paper covering off of. I love the texture of it!

      It’s getting harder to find this kind of cardboard but if you check the edges of any boxes that come in (and I’m sure you get a few), you can see which are and which aren’t. Those are the ones I won’t let my hubs carry off to the burn pile!