Creativity Challenge Doodles

imageLast week I mentioned to you the Creativity Challenge I’ve joined over at PrairieMoon Quilts, right? I don’t know what all we’ll be doing but when I saw that the supply list included Sharpies, I was in. The only thing on the list that I didn’t have was a coloring book…at least not one suitable for adult coloring.

For our first week challenge, we were supposed to doodle for thirty minutes. Not a problem! I pretty much doodle (or scribble) on everything, all the time. I even doodle in church. Fortunately, our pastor knows that if my hands are moving across the page I am either taking notes or drawing, both of which mean I’m engaged and listening. The two below are really small, about 2″ square.


We were also required to have a sketchbook for the challenge. Fortunately I have tons of them. I like to carry around a smallish one, 5 X 7 or so (I also keep graph paper in my planner–you never know when inspiration for a quilt will strike!), but anything is fair game, even post-it notes. This week I dug out a big 11 X 14 book. That in itself was kind of a new challenge for me, just making everything bigger. I started out with an ultra fine point pen, then realized that I was going to be all day filling in anything, so switched to a fine point. So, there’s some definite sloppiness going on, but it’s fun. Besides, I am not likely to frame these or try to sell them, so I’m thinking a little sloppiness is A-okay. Perfection is not a remote consideration for me.

Here are a couple of the big drawings.

A problem-solver!


And this is the something that I did in a plain old notebook while I was thinking something through. It’s definitely not great art but I often do this while I’m mulling things over and somehow, it helps.


The challenge for this next week came out yesterday and I am planning to get it done this afternoon.  Pop over here if you want to read what it’s about. And don’t forget to come back next Friday if you want to see what I made!

Until next time,


  • shelly

    I love ALL your doodles!!!! And I’m glad to know you do it all the time. (So do I — just can’t help it!) Can’t wait to see your next project — EEeeeee!!!!

    • Lori East

      Oh, thanks, Shelly! I think it’s a compulsion…or a disease. 🙂

      I’m stewing about my L…it’ll get made soon!