Creativity Challenge–Crayons!

I was so excited when I saw the challenge for this week. It was to make a drawing using only crayons. But you know, when I dug out the bin of crayons (leftover from homeschool work when we still used crayons!), I was kind of surprised.

Yes, I love the smell of crayons. Yes, I love seeing that big pile of colors all together. Yes, I love the way crayon lays down on rough sketch book paper. But I hated my drawings. There, I said it.

I did this one first:

CrayonsIt just didn’t feel right, if that makes sense. I kept wanting to outline things but couldn’t get a smooth, sharp line. If you’ve ever colored with crayons, I am sure this is no surprise. It was just after using pens for several weeks, I felt frustrated by it.

I got out a smaller sketchbook and did this one. Same feeling: no hard edges, no ability to shade. Am I spoiled, or what?

CrayonsI did really enjoy feeling the texture of the paper under the wax, and seeing the way it showed through.

I’m not sure I had ever used crayons as a tool in quite this way before. Sure, I have colored with them in coloring books, and I certainly used them when teaching, but to try to actually draw with them? I don’t know.

I am eager to see what sort of task there will be in store for us for next week! I can honestly say that every week has been fun. Some have been harder than others, and some have given me results I didn’t really like, but every single one has been interesting. Keep ’em coming, Shelly!


  • shelly

    Your drawings are great! There’s not a thing wrong with them. The point IS to work with the medium at hand, limitations or not. Honestly, it bothers me, too, but we just have to go with it, and I’m hoping these exercises will make us try things we don’t want to and get past some of our (or at least my) perfectionist tendencies. I keep telling myself, “It doesn’t bother children — be more like them!” I used to do a lot more art when I was younger, before I wandered into the world of all the adult hangups I’ve gotten into now!

    • Lori East

      You are absolutely right. Those limitations could be considered assets another time, I guess. And definitely yes to trying new things!