Creativity Challenge — Coloring!


Our challenge for this week was coloring. Yes, you got it, coloring in our coloring books. Tough one, right? No, not at all, but it sure was fun!

When we started this challenge, A Year of Cultivating Creativity, I actually didn’t own a proper coloring book. Sure, there are some around here saved from way back when The Boy was little (and I just couldn’t bear to throw them out, especially when they had such sweet little notes in them). I did not actually own any of my very own, though. I’ve always loved to color but usually just colored in my doodles, which, as I’ve told you, are everywhere. But, since we needed some real coloring pages, I ordered this one from Amazon because it looked like something I’d enjoy.


I have a lot of coloring tools: tons of Sharpies and lots of colored pencils too. My favorite pencils are Prismacolor. I recently bought a set of Frixion pens too, but not really for coloring (and definitely not for quilting). I bought the Frixion pens to use in my planner because they’re erasable. I make lots of mistakes and schedules change so I needed some way of being able to keep my planner from being a mess. Silly? Maybe, but it works for me.

Shelly suggested we start out coloring in pencil. I did that. Prismacolor pencils just make me happy. They lay down color so smoothly and blend like a dream.


Then I moved on to the Frixion pens. The tips are just a bit chunky for fine detail work, but I do like the erasability. I also like that they are easy to layer, building up color as needed.


Then I tried out the Sharpies (and a few other assorted pens: Copic, EK Success, and a Bic MarkIt! with a fabulous sharp point). Ah yes, Sharpies. They are just wonderful for giving consistent, vivid color. I was relieved to see that the paper in my book was hefty enough that they couldn’t bleed. That is probably their only drawback.


I almost broke out my watercolors, but stopped, mostly because it was late and I didn’t want to have to clean up my brushes. Yes, I’m lazy like that. As you can see, too, I only finished coloring the first page. The drawings in my book are quite detailed and I tend to get impatient. I would love to have more ultra-fine point pens too, to keep some of the details from becoming so tedious. But hey, it’s meant to be fun, right?

This week’s challenge was simple and I really liked it. I will admit that I’m not a very good color-inside-the lines artist, but I still enjoyed it.

Next week’s challenge looks to be just a bit (!!) more challenging. It’ll be fun to see how it plays out. I am letting the idea stew a bit.

How about you? Do you color? What is your favorite medium?

  • Wendy Tuma

    I’m using Stabilo fine points together with colored pencils right now, and enjoying the outcome. I agree on next week’s challenge — still pondering that one. Should be fun!

    • Lori East

      I haven’t used Stabilos in years…might need to try them again.

      Yes, this next one…eek! It’s going to be interesting!!

  • shelly

    I’m saving up for a set of Tombow Dual Brush pens. One of these days . . . until then, I’ll suffer along with my Sharpie collection and my set of Prismacolors — first world problems! haha!

    • Lori East

      Ha!! I am kind of fond of the Copic markers too, but my problem is that I want them ALL. I only have about five of them that I’ve bought one at a time with Hobby Lobby coupons. Another thing I think I’d like playing with is Inktense pencils. So many options!