A Good Good Friday

It’s Good Friday. A good day. The best worst day ever. Do you know why? It’s an old, old story. One that ends, or perhaps just begins on Easter Sunday and has nothing at all to do with bunnies. A very good day.

No sewing at all happened at my house today. The hubs was off, but I had no clue he would be until he didn’t leave this morning. I always forget his company takes Good Friday off. I’m not at all unhappy that he was here, just surprised. That kind of made me rearrange my plans for the day.

Jasper County Courthouse, (c) Lori East
Jasper County Courthouse

I got to have lunch out with my two best fellas today, at a little deli on our town’s square. The courthouse sits smack in the middle of the square and is always a lovely sight.

After lunch, we wandered down a few doors to a small coffee shop my son and I love. The coffee is great (or I wouldn’t be there every Friday afternoon!), the owners are fun, and they have blazing fast internet (it’s critical to have such a place to go if you live in the country).

Did you know henbit
is a member of the mint family?

We got home in time to pull a few weeds. Isn’t that what everyone rushes home on Friday afternoon to do? Yeah, didn’t think so. There is tons of henbit this year, as usual. Lots of dead nettle too. Even though both are edible, I throw it away. I’m sure if we ever do decide to eat them, we’ll have an abundance. Both of them are everywhere this time of year. When they first appear, I kind of enjoy the purple flowers, but after a week or so, I am sick of looking at it. Fortunately, both plants pull easily.

(c) Lori East
Chard, mustard, and leeks!

I planted a few new things in my little kitchen garden. My husband ran to the feed store today and brought home chard, leeks, and mustard plants. I am not sure what he expects me to do with the mustard…maybe cook the greens for him. I’m not a fan of mustard greens but if he wants them, I can cook them for him. I do love chard, though, especially in quiche, with a little bacon and Swiss cheese, or barely cooked in a stir-fry. I’m thinking I might go get some more leeks. They’re good in so many things!

My helper. Fred the bite-your-
Boy Cat

Here’s one of my garden helpers. He was a raggedy little stray that my husband brought home from work one cold winter night who’s grown into a fierce and very loving pet. He has repaid us for his care by being a mighty hunter. Yes, be glad I didn’t take any action shots.

We went to an excellent and quite solemn Good Friday service at church tonight. I am amazed at the joy that comes from such an otherwise sad day. Sunday’s coming, folks, and that’s when we’ll celebrate the resurrection of the risen King.

Happy Easter!