Another 350 Blocks

imageThree hundred fifty blocks? You’ve read here before that last year I participated in Prairie Moon’s 350 Blocks project. Need I tell you that I was an abject failure in 2014? I didn’t even get half that many blocks made. Life was just too hectic and sewing fell by the wayside.

The good news is that I’m participating in it again this year, with hopes of doing WAY better. You see, I do love the idea of some accountability for what I produce. Shelly’s project is the perfect source of that accountability. There is a goal of making 350 blocks, obviously, for the year. Every month Shelly gives us a goal number of blocks to complete, then reminds the participants to report in at the end of the month. She even keeps track of our total numbers for the year. How simple is that?

My fun prize in February!
My fun prize in February!

Every month, there is also a drawing for fun prizes that Shelly so generously shares with us. Win-win, right? I think so too. The fact that I was the winner in February might influence that thought. Shelly sent me a bundle of fun fabric and thread to play with. It made me feel like a winner, I assure you!

There is no shaming if you end up not getting much done in a month (or several, like someone I know. Ahem.). It’s just a fun way to keep track of what you’re doing. Shelly is the one doing all the work.


I’ve made quite a few blocks this month. I showed you the Anita’s Arrowhead blocks I made here. I made 81 of those. I also had to make two blocks for the Christmas Presents quilt and the blue Robbing Peter to Pay Paul quilt I showed you here. That RPtoPP thing? It’s all together, but I think it needs a border and I just can’t decide what I want to do. I might just skip the border entirely and ship it off to be quilted. The remains of the four fabrics I used in it are very, very limited. Mere inches, really. So. I think the words here are “Git ‘r done.”

imageI am also amassing a big old pile of scrappy 4-patch blocks. I don’t know yet what they’ll grow up to be.  I just keep piles of squares next to my machine and sew them randomly whenever I want something to sew without thinking, to keep from having to clip my threads.  (I hate those little wads of thread that get everywhere, so this is my small effort to reduce the number of them.)


Some days I just sewed odd little random blocks like the one below. Yeah, sometimes you just have to sew something, anything, and this was my sole contribution that particular day.

Mindless sewing
Mindless sewing

I also managed to finish two tops from my enormous backlog. Yay me! One is the Christmas Presents quilt I showed you earlier this week, and the other is this little rooster appliqué (by hand!) top I made eons ago. All that I had left to do was make the border miters pretty. Yeah, that was ALL. If I had it to do again, I would probably have done something different with the border treatment, but in the interest of finishing, I’m leaving it alone.

It is nice to have some quick finishes. They are keeping me motivated to get some more done so I can start playing with some of the ideas I keep jotting down. I am so hoping to keep that streak going! Cheer me on, huh?

Are you playing with us? Come join the fun! Anybody can participate, and it’s not too late for this year. Check out Shelly’s post here, then come back and leave a comment below so I know who’s in.

Oh yeah. My January total? 165 blocks. Yep, one hundred sixty-five. Almost halfway for the year. Woohoo!! Will I do as well in February? Check back and see!

A New-Old Project

I found a new-old project. The other day I was cleaning off my worktable and trying to move fabric around in my shelves to put it all away and I came across this fabric:

Pillowcase, (c) 2015, Lori East
Enough for two pillowcases, or four if I use the embroidery on only one side and back with plain white…

I’ve owned this since it came out in 2002 (!!), and have always
planned to embroider the red lines and make pillowcases. When I found it, I thought, “Oh, I really need to embroider these and make a red and white quilt for myself.” Then I laughed to myself, thinking how many times I’d thought that before, folded the fabric back up and put it back on the shelf. For someday.

OldNew (c) 2015, Lori East
Ahem. 2002.

But then, when I was pulling out ALL of my ABDs (read more about the ABDs here) to finish up, I found these blocks. I had forgotten about them, honestly, but when I found them, I remembered that I won them in a drawing at my guild when I still lived in Florida. (I was a member, and on the board of, the Coral Springs Quilters for several years. If you’re in the neighborhood, go visit them!)

Red pinwheels, (c) 2015, Lori East
They’re red!

There are twelve of them altogether (with parts of two more), and they are 12-1/2″ square. Set side-by-side, I’d need something in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 more, but I will probably do something different anyway. I will still need to make a couple of blocks, but seriously, these are so quick. There was even a piece of graph paper bundled in with the blocks on which I’d drawn how I planned to set them (with triple sashing). I had also made notes how to set them so I could make a bed-sized quilt without making any more. You may have read here how I rarely leave notes for myself. This time I’m really grateful I did!

I’m thinking this is a sign that I need a red and white quilt. This red and white quilt. It would still keep me on track with my plans to finish up my oldies…

What do you think? Should I finish them? How would you set them? Leave me a comment below and I’ll let you know what I choose!