Me? Nothing much…but a new tool

Happy Friday! What are you up to? Me? Nothing much, but I am wondering how Friday got here so fast? I have been climbing a pile of paperwork all week, and finally got it all organized. That is a slow task for me, but now comes the actual DOING of all of that work. I would way rather play with fabric than paper, but you know, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

I did get a few minutes to play though. When I was in the quilt shop last week I found a new tool (at least it’s new to me):

Corner Beam ruler, have you tried it yet?
Corner Beam ruler, have you tried it yet?

You can probably find Deb Tucker’s Corner Beam at your local quilt shop (I did), but if not, you can order one here (no affiliate).

I haven’t spent a lot of time with it, but I learned that I can do what I was hoping to…that is, to make a triangle-in-a-square, with the triangle radiating from the corner, without paper-piecing. I don’t mind paper-piecing, but in this case, I just didn’t want to have to do it.

I ended up just making two blocks:

Just two play blocks was enough to convince me that this purchase was a good one!
Just two play blocks was enough to convince me that this purchase was a good one!

No, they aren’t perfect (argh, those center seams could drive me crazy if were actually planning to use these). The good news is that the ruler does exactly what I wanted. Hooray! After I cut the first few pieces, following the directions in the package, I realized there was also a video showing how to cut your pieces. Honestly, you could use either set of directions and get a great result. It’s super easy!

Have you bought any new tools lately?

Snow Day Sew Day

Good morning!

It snowed here Sunday night…finally! I know that the rest of the world is sick sick sick of snow, but we haven’t had any to speak of all winter. And…I’m one of those who likes snow. A lot.

I worked Sunday afternoon appraising a family collection in southeast Kansas. I was a little concerned because the weather folks were predicting a LOT of snow and I was afraid I’d get caught out on nasty roads. All was well, though. The family had the quilts spread out on two big tables for me and we moved through them quickly. The quilts ranged from the 1930s to the 1970s, and all were clean (many unused and unepwashed, so just like brand spanking new). It was a good afternoon!

Things were pretty much shut down around town yesterday. There was ice under the snow so it was a bit messy, and it snowed off and on all morning. All of our plans were cancelled. The roads are better today but it just happens that I have nowhere I have to be. I got up early and took care of laundry and all those other have-to-do things that you can never escape, and have thrown stuff in the Crock-Pot for supper, so I’m off to my workroom for the rest of the day.

The stew I started the other day is still stewing, but I started something new yesterday. This is a crazy, fun time. I am working on a gazillion things all at once and wake up with more ideas in my head every morning. Does that happen to you?

So, for today, I’m off to tackle some ideas! How are you spending today?