The canning season quilt…I’m cutting and cutting


I made a little progress on the canning season quilt

I got back to the fabric store yesterday morning and yes, did stop for coffee on the way home. While the green fabric went through the wash, I auditioned and pressed all the rest of the fabrics. Some that I originally planned did not make the cut, but I found a few others. Here’s what I finally chose:

The green will be the background…alllllll the colors will be triangles. I am still not sure about the black, may add in just one or two triangles.

I love all these colors. I could get all philosophical and tell you why they remind me of canning season…or I could just say again, I love all these colors. I ended up with something around 22 or 23 fabrics. Think about that. All of those fabrics cut into over 1,000 triangles. Yep, it’s a lot. Actually, I am not cutting triangles, though, I am using the method that Shelly details here. It makes eight triangles at a time, which is my favorite method. Still, that’s a lot of cutting.

And…true to form I didn’t cut all of my fabrics at once. I cut a few squares and sewed them up to see how I was doing. I did enough to put together a scrappy block.

If I go scrappy, here is one unsewn block

Then I cut and sewed some more. Mostly cut.

I am really liking how all these colors play together. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to mix my fabrics up or stick to one fabric per section. It doesn’t matter because I also still don’t know how many actual sections I need. I know that the original quilt measures 74 X 91″ and I know that I want mine big enough to cover a queen-sized bed. I’ll do the math sometime. Or I’ll just keep making blocks until I run out of fabric.

It’s still hard to tell what the blocks will really look like. I will get them off my table and up on my wall this morning and might get a better idea. And, of course, I am planning to spend the entire day in my workroom, so I will have better pictures to show you soon!

And here is a very sloppy, but all scrappy layout

Before I put them on the wall, though, I’ll be snapping a quick photo of the third quilt I’ve been working on for The 70273 Project. I’ll tell you more about that on Monday.

In the meantime, grab a cup of something and stop by for the Sunday Sewcial tomorrow. I’ll be asking you an important question.

I’m curious what you think of my blocks so far. Think I should stick with one color per block, or mix them all up?


  • shelly

    I really like them all mixed up! That background! I’m swooning over it. I love all your color choices.

    • Thanks, Shelly! Truth is, I like it BOTH ways…not deciding yet.

  • joannewortman

    I am always a fan of mixing it all up, coordinating colors and values rather than sticking with the same fabrics. Your fabrics are so cheerful, gives me hope that the last of the snow will be melting soon here……

    • I love to mix fabrics up too, Joanne, and these are just so cheery. Hope your snow melts soon…we are in the 60s today. Crazy for February.

  • Wendy Tuma

    I love the mixed fabric look, and I agree that green background is swoon-worthy!

    • Thank you, Wendy! I really like it both ways. Everything plays well with that green.