Help keep somebody warm–and a whole lot more

Help. Such a simple word, but it packs a big punch. Can you help? I wrote about spring yesterday, but it’s still really cold in many places. It’s even colder, unimaginably so, for those without a warm place to sleep. Here’s how you can show some love.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe (of 15 Minutes of Play fame), through her BumbleBeans site, is assisting Acacia Network, with providing quilts to the 200 women who are now living in the “Stadium Women’s Shelter.” As Victoria says, they “desperately need quilts. We all know a quilt is the best sign of love and hope, and during this crazy long, cold winter, this is the time to help!”

They’re seeking twin-sized quilts, at least 50 by 70 inches, and ask that you generate an ID number here to affix to the outside of your box before you send it.

Two hundred quilts sounds like a lot, but if four people from each state send one quilt, or two people send two quilts, or…you get the picture. Can you help?