Books and Books

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t doing any New Year’s resolutions and I’m not. Honest. But I AM setting some goals for myself (did you see yesterday’s post?).

One of the things I love to do is read. I love real flesh and blood, er, paper and ink books. I also love my Kindle and I love Audible too, but real, honest-to-goodness books are such a comfort. I am just one spine short of being considered a hoarder. (Doesn’t everyone use stacks of books as side tables?)

At the end of every year, though, I feel like I have not read enough books. This year I am challenging myself to read a book a week. Yes, fifty-two books in a year. I don’t know that I’ll achieve this goal but I am fine with that. I just want to know that I made an honest effort.

Books are the perfect gift in my house. My husband bought me these three wonderful books for Christmas (and he and my son got at least fifteen new books between them). I have barely begun reading, though, since I’m trying to get through all the past episodes of Downton Abbey before Sunday. But they are waiting patiently!


I came across this reading challenge that my friend Siobhan reposted on Facebook that I think fits right in with my goal. I am pretty sure I already own all the books I need to fulfill this. If not, I might have to go find one or two…like that’s a problem?

So, as part of my midweek updates this year, I’ll include the title of whatever book I’m currently reading. It might be fiction, it might be a history book, or it might even be religious. I also love biographies and art books.

I’d love it if you want to share anything you read that you especially enjoy too. I’m always up for a great new book.

How about you? What do you most enjoy reading? I’d love to hear!

  • Becky Collis

    Lori, can I assume you forego the boob tube? 52 books in a year is ambitious!

    • Lori East

      Yes, Becky, you are safe in assuming that. I watch very little television (except for Downton Abbey!). It IS an ambitious plan and I may not make it but I’m going to give it the old college try!