Biscuit mail, or what mail, friends, and quilts have to do with biscuits


When I got home Tuesday afternoon, there was some happy biscuit mail waiting for me. No, nobody made me biscuits, and while that would have made me happy, my friend Edie McGinnis sent me this, which tickled me to no end.


Fun, isn’t it? Well, it honestly made me laugh out loud. I might have even scared my dogs with my outburst. It has special meaning, you see. Back in October, when I was in Springfield, Illinois, for MQX, Edie, Shelly Pagliai, and I got to have dinner together one night. We walked over to Red Lobster and ate scampi and, of course, biscuits. A LOT of biscuits.

If you’ve ever been to Red Lobster, you do know the biscuits I’m talking about. You can make them at home by following the recipe on the Bisquick box, but they’re not really the same. Besides, nothing tastes as good as what you fight over, er share with friends.

See? Recipe’s right there on the box.

There are few people who can make me laugh like those two, and when we realized that all three of us love biscuits, well, you can imagine. The jokes about biscuits kept coming, as did the plates of them (I think our waiter might’ve thought we were beyond redemption). Don’t quote me, but I think I recall a mention of somebody being called “Biscuit Butt.” When I got back to my room, my sides and stomach literally ached from laughing so hard (and maybe from eating so many biscuits, and quite possibly dessert too).

So, yeah, biscuits are downright funny to me…and my friends are hilarious, pure trouble, but hilarious. And this gift will definitely have a special place in my kitchen.

Edie, Shelly, and me, at Red Lobster, Springfield, Illinois. October 2016.

The friends I’ve made in the quilt world are one of the very best perks of the business. We don’t get to see each other often, but oh boy, when we do…

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See you tomorrow, my friends.

  • Wendy Tuma

    Fun story — I can only imagine and, honestly, wish I would’ve been in the Red Lobster to see you three laughing and having fun. Good friends bring much joy, indeed.

    • Lori East

      It is probably a good thing nobody we knew saw us, Wendy. I am pretty sure they’d have thought we were escapees from the asylum, what with all the cackling and snorting, and biscuit crumbs a-flying.

      I do love my quilt buddies!

  • shelly

    That sign jumped into her hands when we saw it! We got a good laugh out of it right there in the shop, and she knew you needed it! Love, from one Biscuit Butt to another!

    • Lori East

      Aha!! I didn’t realize you were in on the buying. That makes it that much more fun! Love ya, Biscuit Butt! 😉