Big thoughts about little things or vice versa


On this second day of 2017, I am having big thoughts about lots of little things. Or maybe they are little thoughts about big things. You tell me.

Today my friend Chris would have turned 56. Normally, I would call or text him with a simple, “Hey. Happy Birthday.” Five months later he would do the same for me. But this year he isn’t there to read my text. I will think of him just the same.

Years ago, when I learned that my childhood best friend had died, I struggled with it. I couldn’t believe that, at only 31, she was gone. As I worked in my garden one day shortly after that, I saw some new plants were starting to flower. I thought about the whole cycle of life, how things and people live and flourish, and then they are gone. And then, somewhere else, life begins again. Over and over.

As I was thinking about it being Chris’s birthday this morning, I noticed this on one of my orchids:


A new little shoot is happy news. All of my orchids suffered terribly when I was gone for so long in October and November. Since they didn’t get watered regularly, I thought they would all die. One did, but the other six have limped along. This gives me hope that they just might make it after all. So, yes, one tiny shoot is a big deal!

The photo at the top is one measly bud on my Christmas cactus. My mother-in-law gave the plant to me several years ago and the darned thing has only bloomed once, and then with only one flower. After that, I’d watch it every winter and…nothing. I had resigned myself that it was never going to bloom again. I’m not sure I’ll ever see it loaded with big flowers like so many other people’s are, but hey, it is giving me one flower. It might only be one measly flower, but I’m grateful for it just the same.

What are you thinking about today? Are you having big thoughts too?