I’m feeling much better now

Whew, that’s much better…yesterday I told you that I had been struggling with a piece I’m working on.¬†Well, during church yesterday morning, I was doodling and, yes, I do this every week. I listen better with pencil and paper in hand… happened to think of this piece of fabric. (See it up there at the top?) It’s an old, old, oldie, but I knew I wanted to dig it out for this project. It is a Nancy Crow fabric, with, “Land, Sea, and Sky,” printed in the selvage. I am not sure how old it is, but I do know I have had it for at least ten years…don’t judge, that’s relatively new to my stash.

Anyway, I didn’t get time to sew yesterday, I only took a few minutes to hunt this down. It was EXACTLY where I expected. Yay, me! What I didn’t expect was to find two pieces of it. The first is a generous yard and a half, and the second is a half yard. The second was even marked with a clearance tag. Go figure.

So, hooray! Even though I couldn’t really make time to do anything, I made progress in finding this. It gave me a little bit more to think about. I started moving things around on my design wall and think I like the direction it’s going. So yeah, I’m feeling much better now.

I don’t know if I’ll have time sew today at all, I have an event that could take a big chunk if time, but you can be sure I’m working on the design. At least I’m working on it in my head. I’ll tell you why I’m making it soon.

Have a happy Monday!

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  • Wendy Tuma

    Ok, I’m all sorts of curious now. Glad to hear someone else has fabric in their stash that goes back a few years! That piece has some serious potential. I like doodling too; it keeps me focused rather than my mind wandering off in all directions!

    • Lori East

      Ah, yeah, that fabric stash…it goes back way too far. I’ve sewn all my life in one way or another and have way too much fabric to show for it. Some of it will be going away soon…honest.