Before the Quilts


Last time, I promised you I’d be back soon to show you what I saw before Teddy and Bill caught up to me at Crystal Bridges. I had decided to go a little early so I would have a chance to check out some of the nature trails around the museum. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to see what they were all about.

I wish I could tell you which of the trails I walked, but I can’t. I didn’t have a map. I know, I know, hiker rule number one: Don’t go without a map. The trails were all short and led either downtown or to the museum. I figured it was impossible to get lost.

I’ve got photos below to show you some of what I saw. The trails were great, very easy,  with just a few small hills, and well-maintained. At the end, you’ll see where I ended up, just before I went into the museum.

Be forewarned: it’s heavily treed and there are lots of fungi shots. I could try to entice you to take a look if I pronounced that “fun-guy,” right?

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At the end, I happened upon this:


It’s the Bachman Wilson House, designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. The house was originally built in the mid-1950s in New Jersey, but due to repeated flooding, the owners decided to sell it to someone willing to relocate it. Crystal Bridges was the lucky winner. The house was disassembled, moved, and rebuilt here in 2015. I hadn’t taken time to see it before (just because there is NEVER enough time to see everything at the museum). This time I was lucky enough to get in (without a ticket, even) and take a look inside. Sadly, there are no photos allowed inside the house, but you can see a bit more on the Crystal Bridges website.

True to form, the house is kind of bland-looking from outside, but wonderfully light-filled inside. It is not large, and it is very spare, with lots of clean views. My photos are somewhat lacking, I’m afraid, mostly because I was trying not to get random tourists in them. It was tough on a holiday weekend!


20160904_133048_resized beforeI wish I could show you the indoors. It felt like being in a tree house. I am pretty sure I will go back to visit in the autumn. And in the winter. And in the spring.

Pop over to the Crystal Bridges website to see more photos. Could you live there?

  • Chloe

    It looks wonderful, Lori! Great tree shots and you did well to get those clean shots of the house! Going over to check out inside right now… I do love snooping around other people’s houses, especially such incredibly designed structures as this one 🙂 xo

    • Lori East

      Aren’t you kind, Chloe? One of these days I will learn to carry my real camera instead of only the phone. But the trees were fascinating to look at. All that…stuff! And yes, the house was amazing. It seemed small, but because it is so efficient, spatially, the lines are clean and harmonious. I could imagine living there, but with a lot less junk than I already have. Ahem.