Beauty, New York Style

New York Beauty: Quilts from the Volckening Collection

Beauty. It’s everywhere. But New York Beauty? I’m talking about the quilt pattern, of course, and the wealth of fabulous quilts in the upcoming book by Bill Volckening: New York Beauty: Quilts from the Volckening Collection.

Why am I so excited about this book? It’s no secret that quilts in this pattern, and those similar, are among my favorites. I have a real penchant for “round spiky things.” They are graphic, visually exciting, and keep your eye moving. Bill’s collection contains some very fine examples.

Mountain Mist New York Beauty, ca. 1930. *Photo reprinted with permission from the author*

I’ve been lucky enough to see a few photos of the interior of the book, and it is flat gorgeous. Published by QUILTmania, the text is in both English and French, and the book contains 312 pages, with full-color images of over 70 New York Beauties (and quilts of related design). The foreword is by Shelly Zegart.

Capper’s Weekly, Springtime in the Rockies, 1935. *Photo reprinted with permission from the author*

Lest you think this is just another pretty quilt book, though (as if that isn’t enough!), there is interest for a wide audience. There are so many photos of amazing quilts, and the text tells the story of a fascinating pattern. There is also comprehensive discussion of some of the published pattern sources.

The quilts shown represent twenty-five years of collecting, all of which started with this very pattern. The quilt, pictured below, is dated circa 1850, and is the oldest one featured. You can read about Bill’s “Eureka moment,” the moment he “got” quilts, on the Why Quilts Matter blog. I can only imagine what that moment must have been like. It would’ve been fun to be a mouse in the corner.

The quilt that started it all. New York Beauty, ca. 1850. *Photo reprinted with permission from the author*

You can read more about these and other quilts in Bill’s collection at The Volckening Collection or on Facebook. (Some of the quilts from the Volckening Collection were recently on display at QuiltCon. Were you lucky enough to see them?)

The book is due out in April. Preorder yours here now for $63.95. If you order today, it’ll be here before you know it. I can hardly wait!

  • Bill V.

    Oh Lori, you’re so sweet, thank you!

    • Lori East

      You’re welcome, Bill! I am seriously excited to get my copy. All those round spiky things, eek!