Back at it after an unplanned hiatus

Yep, I am back at it today. Yesterday¬†did not include any junking after all. I spent most of the day just feeling yucky. Had a nasty headache that I just couldn’t kick, and that pretty much knocked me out of commission. I don’t get sick often, but was really afraid I was coming down with the flu. Along with that headache, my tummy was a little unsettled, and I was absolutely bone-chillingly cold all day. Even the thought of a great find didn’t motivate me.

So, yeah. I stayed home and did nada. I hate to lose an entire day like that, but what can you do?

The good news is that I feel 1000% better today. I’d like to tell you that I’m off to do exciting things, but sadly, I am not. After spending the day lying around, I’ve looked at too much dust and disarray. I even dreamt of gathering up basketball-sized gobs of dog hair. Yikes! It isn’t that bad, but I haven’t swept since Friday or Saturday, and with two very hairy black dogs in the house, that is too long.

That mitten in the photo? That’s one of the things I feel especially grateful for today. It is a Norwex dusting mitt that makes short shrift of a chore I hate. I actually have two of those mitts to make quick work of fussy things like chair legs and crevices on wood trim.

If you don’t know Norwex, I will tell you that I love their cleaning products. They allow you to clean with nothing more than water. No chemicals. I can even clean the dog nose prints off my French doors with nothing more than a damp window cloth. That may not sound like much, unless you have dogs. Those smudges are nasty and hard to get rid of. My friend Jamie is a Norwex rep so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch with her.

That’ll be my excitement for the day. I do not like to clean but it’s a necessary evil. I hope you have a great Thursday! Are you doing anything earth-shattering?

  • Wendy Tuma

    So I suppose sitting here staring at/ignoring the cat hair on our area rug should inspire me to do something about it, huh? Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well, but glad you are up and running today. I am determined to get some sewing time in today, so the cat hair may just have to wait another day . . .

    • Lori East

      Good for you! By all means, go sew! After all, the cat hair will still be there tomorrow.