Monday…Back to work!


Monday…back to work! It’s always kind of hard to face Monday after a holiday weekend, isn’t it? I needed to have a few days off, but I left work on my desk and it has really bothered me. I am working through a fat stack of paper, and while I wanted to get it done before the holiday, I didn’t. So I am back at it today.

I had another priority first, though. I headed out for a walk before I did anything else. I was walking every day before I left in October and was easily getting in three miles a day. Its been over a month now, though, and I missed it terribly. I knew that if I didn’t start again soon all the holiday pie would catch up to me. And, it’s way too easy to get lazy, so I got out and did it before I could wake up enough to decide not to. I didn’t walk the full three miles, but two was good. It’s been really windy and acts like it could rain so I wanted to go early, even if it was just for a little bit. The wind was a little chilly!

lilacMy best secret for enjoying my walks is listening to books. I may have told you this before but I pick one that I really like and only allow myself to listen while I’m walking. It’s a great motivator. I’d like to tell you that I listen to the sounds of nature, or of complete silence when I walk, but I don’t. My mind wanders only so far and then I start getting itchy to get back home and get to work. That might not sound bad but when I feel that way I will cut corners and cheat myself out of much-needed exercise. Better to amuse my mind and do my body some good at the same time, right? So, today I started listening to Lilac Girls, yet another book set in WWII. I’ve had it in my queue for months, so today was the day. I got just past the end of the first chapter so it may take a while to finish, but I’ll let you know what I think!

I have a million other things I would like to be doing too, but for this moment, work and coffee come first. Not necessarily in that order. It’s a gray day so I guess that makes it good for staying in and keeping my nose to the grindstone. Maybe later I’ll finally get my Christmas decorations out. That didn’t happen yesterday after all.

What are your plans for Monday? Do you have your decorations done?