Baby quilts and little things

I don’t know about you, but I love baby things. I am especially fond of antique and vintage baby quilts and clothing. I don’t have a lot in my collection and I rarely make any, but they are just so sweet. Each piece reminds me that somewhere, sometime, a mama or grandma had a little person into whom they poured so much love and hope.

The three quilts pictured here were all made by my maternal grandmother. It was she who helped me take my first stitches another lifetime ago. I wanted Barbie dresses and asked her to help me. She made a few, then taught me to sew the tiny pieces together. She claimed they were far too tedious, or in her words, “teejus.” She figured that with my small hands, it would be easier for me to do. I was probably 7 or 8. The rest, you might guess, is history.

These three little quilts, made from the same simple pattern were for me, my eldest brother, and my uncle. My uncle, Max, was born in 1954 and died of a brain tumor in 1966. My brother was born in 1950 and is still living. I was born in 1961 and here I am.

You can probably tell that the one with the pink on it was made for me. I am not sure anymore which is which of the two yellow ones, but I think the one with prairie points, which is also the only one that is hand-quilted, was made for Max.

I have a couple of otherĀ things made for babies, as well as a few other quilts from my grandmother that I’ll show you another time. For now, I’m off to call my mother and see about figuring out which of the yellow quilts was made for whom. They need labels!

See you tomorrow!

Another quilt my grandmother made and the little polyester dog with the baby quilts, all in the chair I rocked my own baby in