I am an appraiser of quilts and quilted textiles certified by the American Quilters’ Society. I have passed stringent oral and written examination to attain this certification. Likewise, I am a member of the Professional Association of Appraisers of Quilted Textiles and have sworn to uphold the program’s high standard of ethics and prepare my appraisals according to those standards. I appraise quilts for insurance replacement value, fair market value, and donation value. I travel nationally to attend classes, shows, and seminars to further my expertise in quilt history, construction, repair, conservation, and restoration.

Quilts just seem to follow me everywhere!

I have demonstrated expertise in fabric dating, genealogical research, dye processes, construction methods, and market values. I offer appraisals of quilts and quilted textiles at shows, shops, before or after lectures, and by appointment. Email me at to chat about scheduling an appraisal day at your show, shop, or guild. I’d love to meet you!

Download a pre-appraisal questionnaire for new quilts here, and one for antique quilts here. It is very helpful to have this filled out when you come for your appraisal. Show organizers, please feel free to print out what you need or direct clients here to print their own.

To read more about the whys and hows of appraisals, this article spells out what I’m looking for when I appraise your quilt, and why you need one. I hope you’ll give it a read and think about letting me take a look at your quilts!