Another one for Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

I’ve hemmed and hawed about this for several days but finally decided to just jump in and do it. Last week I posted about entering “Round Holes, Square Peg,” in the Fall 2014 Bloggers’ Quilt Festival.


When I read the rules, I saw that you can enter two quilts, so I have decided to also enter, “Trading My Sorrows,” seen below, in the Art Quilt category.


I created this quilt almost two years ago in response to a challenge. My friend Mary Kerr had issued the call for entries in the challenge that culminated in the book, Dare to Dance: An Art Quilt Challenge. I had stewed and stewed over my entry. I had tons of ideas but could not seem to bring any of them to light in the way I wanted. They clearly weren’t right.

But then, one Sunday morning in church, we sang this song, “Trading My Sorrows,” by Darrell Evans. Do you know it? The lyrics are here. I love the song and, while singing it, I found my motivation. The realization that because of God, I have been able to put aside so many worries and burdens and feel real joy was all it took.

I hand-wrote the lyrics of the song on the background, then painted the key words. The appliqué on this piece came together exactly as I envisioned it. It is all raw-edge. There is brown paper, newspaper, and fused plastic bags. Behind the heart, and beneath the torn fabric around the heart, I applied silver duct tape, leather strips, and an antique buckle. The flames are of hand-dyed cheesecloth, batiks, and even some fabric that was once a valance in my son’s bedroom. All of this work is quite rough and ragged, as is the core of my faith.

The quilt did end up in Dare to Dance, and it also hung at Sacred Threads and Sacred Threads West both in 2013. I am so honored and grateful that it has shown in such wonderful places.

I learned some time ago that not everyone would love this quilt. That’s OK. It is MY expression of MY faith, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to voice it. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

If you feel so moved, you can nominate this quilt or the one I showed you last week for Viewers’ Choice in the festival by going here, between 24 October and and 31 October. You can vote for winners here, between 1 and 7 November.

Of course I’d love to win, but there are so many deserving quilts, I just hope you enjoy seeing all of them! (But I’ll like you more if you vote for me.)

  • Nina-Marie

    I LOVE that song!! I saw your quilt and immediately remember the amazing morning our whole church took it to another level singing that over and over. I was just telling my husband that they don’t write songs like that everyday. Love your quilt… be blessed!!

    • lorieast

      I agree, it’s a wonderful song! Thanks for your kind words. God bless.

  • Thanks for sharing. I love that song and I too have traded my pain, shame and sorrow for His joy! Good providence in the festival and life.

    • lorieast

      Thank you!