It’s Almost April!

Almost April

Gosh, it’s almost April. This year is flying past, isn’t it? How can we be done with March already?

You may have noticed that I’ve been quieter than usual here and on all the other social media lately. I told you a couple of weeks ago that there was a lot going on in my world and that is still true. Not to worry, everything is fine but I am taking advantage of the luxury of a little time to slow down and think.

For the last year or so, maybe years if truth be told, I have felt like I was running downhill as fast as I could. I love all the parts of my life but sometimes, I start feeling like things are so far out of control that I just run full-tilt at the next challenge and miss all the stuff in between. I have even crowned myself Queen of Back Burner Management. What does that mean? It means I reign supreme at shoving things off to the side, to the back burner, until they threaten to boil over, then rush in to catch them before they make a mess. The problem with that is that I am always on alert, but never really managing things well. I’m trying to change that.

In order to change things, I’ve felt the need to slow down and be much more intentional about what I’m doing, to revisit why I do things and decide if I really need to do them or if there is a better way. While this might be TMI for some of you, those of you who have expressed concern about where I am might want to know what’s up. So there you have it. And, in order to stop some of the mind-clutter, I’ve avoided social media almost completely lately. I do miss knowing what people are doing but I am stunned at how much clearer my mind feels. I am not sitting down to “just check this one thing,” only to find myself a thousand miles off-track three hours later. If you are on any social media at all, I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I mean.

See that photo at the top of the page? That’s my bleeding heart from the backyard. I walked past it the other day and was stunned to see that it’s knee-high and almost ready to bloom. I almost missed it! And that, friends, is why I’m trying to slow down.

And yes, daily life goes on. People still want to eat in my house (go figure), we need clean clothes, and there are always errands to run. So here’s what else I’ve been doing:

Reading: I finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan yesterday. It turned out that I had checked out the large-print copy of the book which made me think I could read it faster (I guess). Not so. It seemed so very long but was an interesting book to read. I started A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last night. That will fill the “should have read in school” slot on my reading challenge list. I just started it, though, so can’t say what I think of it yet.

Cooking: This week we are mostly eating leftovers from Easter dinner. I baked a ham, roasted potatoes in the oven with onions and herbes de Provence-infused olive oil, and steamed fresh asparagus. It was all very simple but tasted pretty darned good!

Early next week I am planning to make a big batch of granola. It’s super simple to make but my family always enjoys it and I don’t have to buy cold cereal at the store. I usually make at least a gallon batch at a time, usually two gallons. I put what we don’t need right away into the freezer, so this keeps us supplied for quite a while. I’ll share the recipe next Wednesday, just in case you want to try it.

Sewing: Not a stitch. Not a single stitch. I know, I know. I KNOW.

Knitting: Ditto. Oh, wait. That’s not entirely true. I knit about three rows on this project the other night when I sat down for a few minutes. Maybe it’ll be done by next summer. Maybe not.

Finishing: Yeah, no.

Doing for fun: I am feeling the need to reconnect with my friends lately. I’ve had to cancel some events that would allow me to see several at once, but am fitting in time for a quiet cup of coffee, one-on-one, with others. It may seem all backwards, but it’s just what I feel the need to do. I am meeting up with Chelsea next week. She is a young mama that I first met when her family moved here from Mexico in 2006 (I think she was 15 at the time). I have adored her and her mom and her whole family ever since. Chelsea has littles that I don’t see nearly enough and I am anxious to smooch their beautiful little faces!

Looking forward to: More time to work through stuff. This includes, of course, some big projects that could use some real attention (workroom clean-up, for one), and some things that I need to break down into smaller tasks so they can get done. There are just too many things that have been on my to-do list for far too long. If I am going to maintain any semblance of sanity at all, they need to move off the list.

Yes, I’m way behind on a lot of projects right now but you know what? If I don’t slow down and rebuild some of the foundations, it really won’t matter what I’m working on, nothing will get done at all. Make sense?

And that’s what’s happening in my world on this early spring Wednesday. What’s new in yours?

  • shelly

    I don’t blame you at all. Life just gets way too crazy sometimes! The pace is insane, and the internet only makes that pace seem even faster. Like everyone else is doing so much more so much faster than we are — which isn’t true, by the way . . . I’ve been struggling all this year just to force myself to take one day off every week. I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, but sometimes I do!

    • Lori East

      Well, I may be sorry for it down the line for the things I miss out on but for now, it has to be. I know what you mean about feeling guilty for time off (and that bit about everybody else doing things faster–it ISN’T true, but can sure feel that way), but as my mom would say, we are burning our candles at both ends!