I’m ahead of myself…for once. And that’s a surprise to just about everybody.


For once, I am actually ahead of myself.

Get it? Ahead. A head? Sorry. I am a goofball. And please don’t be creeped out by this little doll head. That’s all it is, and I think it’s sweet. I don’t always feel that way about doll parts, but you’ll have to trust me. Please.

You know that I jumped on the 350 Blocks wagon again this year, right? Well, part of the deal with that is that we report in how many blocks we’ve made each month. Shelly is awesome to keep track of our overall totals, so all we have to do is report in. Easy, right?

Ahem. Reporting in is the hurdle for some of us (*cough* ME *cough*). So for this month at least, I am ahead of the game. Heh. Don’t get used to it.

As you know, I’ve been busy with The 70273 Project. This month I’ve made 24 blocks. Yay! I am counting the piecing I did on Saturday as six blocks. There will definitely be more of that as I put together the quilts from the blocks I brought home from the Harrisonville crew.


My 24 XX blocks


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I’ve also been working here and there on my scrappy churn dash blocks. I am up to 25 of those now. Since I already had six of them, that means I’ve made 19 this month. They aren’t hard to make at all, but I am trying not to allow the same fabric to show up in any one block. Had I planned this out (and I actually did at one point but ditched my notes), I would have pre-cut everything I needed. But really? That’s no fun at all. What if I had hated it?

There are some seriously ugggggly fabrics in that mix, but I don’t think they stand out, and I love the sparkle! And, as I think I told you, I am making this quilt to go on our bed, not for show, so who cares if some of the fabrics should never have been allowed to see daylight? Right now it’s making me pretty happy. And one of my scrap bins is actually getting lighter.


I’m at 25 now…only 47 to go. I might actually have to cut some more fabric!


Some colors are just not on my shelves OR in my scraps. I had to dig deep to get enough yellows for this block. I think that means I need to buy some fabric. Would you agree?


So…my grand total for the month? I’m counting 49 blocks. It’s not a huge number, but it’s respectable enough. Since our goal was 27, I am happy to know that I met it. Whew!

And yes, I know that I am actually early reporting these. I had to do it today before I forgot. I also know that there is the possibility I could sew sometime before I go to bed. The chance is very slim…there is a lot of stuff on my plate right now, so I doubt it. If I do make any at all today, I plan to just carry those over to next month. Think that’ll be okay? I anticipate a higher number for February, but we’ll see. You just never know how things are going to go, do you?

How many blocks did you make this month?

  • Teddy Pruett

    I have not made any blocks since my original shipment of fifty. I used up all my white fabric, and I don’t buy quilt shop fabric very often. But today while I had my auntie out, I found a three yard chunk of a beautiful white in a thrift shop. I’ll cut some bases as as soon as possible, then I’ll be back in business.

    • Oh! Serendipity at work, eh? I have been using “new,” as in never used, but well-aged whites, but am feeling itchy to find some well-worn things now. May hit up the thrift store tomorrow and see what I can find.

  • Rhonda Cox Dort

    While “a head” of yourself don’t start off on the wrong foot… you might knee-ed to shoulder some additional responsibility, do you have the stomach for it? What you might need is to get a leg up. Don’t look back, don’t take a side, stay abreast of everything. Toe the line. 🙂