A winter day for handwork. Can I do it?

It’s almost the last Saturday before Christmas and I’m doing 
handwork today. Yes, I have a million other things to do but there you go.

It is, as I type, misting or sleeting and in the upper 20s. The temp is supposed to drop steadily all day to a low tonight of zero. The high tomorrow will be 15. This is a big change from yesterday when the temperature hovered around 50 degrees. To my Midwestern mind, that 50-degree change means we could well be staring down the barrel of a nasty ice storm. I hope I’m wrong.


Most of my shopping is done and quite a bit of the baking. Last night I made a pan of fudge, a batch of peanut brittle, and some 7-layer cookies. Five dozen chocolate chip cookies (dark chocolate, with black walnuts!) are cooling on the counter, and I have a batch of sugar cookie dough in the fridge. Barring some bizarre emergency need for more cookies, I think we’re all set. So do I really need to go anywhere today? The answer is a big fat no.


Could I be cleaning? Well, yeah, but, pffftt. I don’t want to. And yes, there are gifts to wrap, but how long does that take? I just want to sit on the couch with a pile of handwork, sewing, embroidering, and knitting, next to me all the rest of the say: quilts that need bindings, blocks that need deconstructing, and socks needing knitted. I am kind of anxious to make some more blocks for The 70273 Project too. So guess what? That’s exactly what I’m doing to do.

There is vegetable soup in the crock pot and two pans of sourdough rolls rising. So there isn’t much more I need to do to feed people, I don’t think. I’m queueing up the Christmas movies and I might get up and toddle to the coffee pot now and then. I do want to keep my heart pumping, after all.

Can I do this without feeling guilty? We shall see. My guys saw me in the couch and asked me if I was sick. I do find it hard to sit still. It’s worth a try though, don’t you think? We’ll call it “hibernating.”

What are you doing today? Is there a pile of handwork waiting for you? Is your shopping all done? Are you baking?