A Vintage Challenge

The challenge

Okay, the challenge isn’t vintage, but the piece I’ll be working with is. My friend Kelly Cline set up an awesome challenge on the Quilting Vintage! Facebook page. She found this beautiful set of linens (placemats and napkins) and then drew names of folks who wanted to participate in finishing them. I threw my name in the hat, intending to use one of the linens in a pieced quilt (because that’s what I love to do), and thinking Kelly would quilt it for me (because that’s usually how we do things). We had a little miscommunication. After she drew my name that she told me she would not quilt it for me, that I was on my own.


Such interesting detail

I hemmed and hawed just a little at that point, thinking I might just let her pass it to someone else. You see, most of the work on the Quilting Vintage! page consists of longarmers finishing old table scarves and other linens. Yep, longarmers. Doing amazing work. I am a barely-get-by, do-what-I-have-to quilter on my old trusty Bernina 1090. I finish what I absolutely have to, but typically quilt by check. I am fortunate to have amazing quilter friends (who I brag about here and on Facebook every chance I get) and it is really a joy to me to see what they do with my humble work. I’ve often thought I’d like to be a better machine quilter but never focused on it. It never seemed like it was time to learn.

I think it might be time now.

Look at that yummy lace

I may be out of my box in some ways, but I’m staying in the challenge. I have a couple of months to figure out what I’m going to do with this piece. I can promise you that it will definitely be different than the others that get finished, although they will all be the work of individuals. Not different-better or different-worse, just different-different.


The “rules”

The napkin came earlier this week, with some minimal “rules,”  and I have been just living with it. I have it lying on a corner of my kitchen counter so I can see it and unfold it every so often. I am  handling it, and waiting for it to talk to me. Tomorrow I will hang it on my design wall and give it a chance to speak a little louder.

Am I out of my comfort zone? Yes. And no. I work with vintage linens and orphan blocks a lot and have for several years. (I promise to start showing more of them. Pinky swear!) That part doesn’t bother me a bit. The quilting part will most certainly be a challenge, but I think I’m up for it. Challenge is one of my most favorite words.

Stay tuned to see how I meet it.

  • Denniele Bohannon

    Know you can!

    • Lori East

      Thanks, Denniele! It’ll be fun…mostly. 😉

    • Lori East

      It looks like maybe you logged in with Facebook this time. Whatever you did, it worked!

      Thanks for your confidence in me. We’ll see what it grows up to be! 🙂

    • Lori East

      Thanks for your ideas, Glori. It will be fun to see what it ends up as, won’t it? I am just going to let it tell me and we’ll see how it turns out.

      I too love Kaffe prints, but I disagree that you can’t put a bunch of them together. I think that’s the magic of them, they play really well with each other. It IS different than traditional, for sure, but that’s the fun.

      p.s. Appliqué with silk threads? YES. I nearly always do.

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