A Sneak Peek!

I just want to share a quick sneak peek of something coming to my sewing room soon. I am so excited!

When my parents were over for Christmas, I told my dad about a cutting table I wanted for my sewing room, and asked if he could build it for me. It’s basically an open-sided cabinet with a surface big enough for my biggest cutting mat and space inside to stack clear bins full of STUFF. To my utter delight, within just a few days he had started work on it.

I went by today to take a look at it and I couldn’t be happier. Y’all, this thing is huge. The top is roughly 40 inches wide by 24 inches deep. Perfect. The frame is walnut and it has pegboard on all three sides.

He wasn’t quite done with it, but it’s almost there. I am expecting my guys to go pick it up this weekend. Take a look:

Is this not just wonderful?


I am planning to use these bins to fit in it. I think there will be room to stack them four-high…not so many I can’t get to things, but enough to hold loads of fabric. And, because the bins are clear, I will be able to see what’s in them.

Sterilite 32-quart bin


I am thinking on ordering a new cutting mat, in RED, of course, like this one from Sullivan:

Sullivan cutting mat


Since the lighting in my workroom is not wonderful, I am also debating buying this Ott lite:

This comes with a clamp to use instead of the base so I can clamp it on the back corner

So what do you think? Is this a dream? I was so pleased with what my dad made me that I asked him for a second one. Yeah, I am greedy, if you must know. No, seriously, he just exceeded my expectations so far that I was over the moon! I am seeing these placed side by side, with lamps clamped to the corners, and both with shiny new red mats. And yes, FULL of stuff. Are you with me?

Wonderful organization is coming to my workroom soon. Yes, yes, I am one seriously blessed girl.

  • Wendy Tuma

    How fun! You’re going to love it. Here’s one thing to think about. Consider buying some extra bins, just in case one gets broken, etc. We designed a closet around some bins, and when I went to get more after some time had passed, the style had changed and they no longer fit. I had no idea bins changed in style that much. So just a suggestion from a lesson learned. Enjoy your new quilty stuff! I love the red cutting pad!

    • Lori East

      I think that’s sound advice, especially since it took some real hunting to find the perfect size. I have had that happen too. I bought some great square bins a few years ago and when I went back to get more only a few months laters, they were gone for good. You’re right, who would think the styles of such things would change like that?

      (Isn”t that red mat terrific? I have wanted one for EVER and since I will now need (ish) two mats, I am jumping on new ones!)

      • Wendy Tuma

        Can you share the brand name of the red mat? My current mat is getting pretty chewed up, so I’m in need of a new one soon.

        • Lori East

          It’s from Sullivan. I found the best price on it at Amazon. It will be a relief to change colors!

  • Barbara Runkle Swing

    How nice! Tell your dad he probably has a lot of us who want to be adopted!
    I use the clear bins, and I do enjoy that I can look and know what’s in them without pulling the bins off the shelf.
    I have a ? for you and your friends. What do you use for an ironing surface. Do you make your own, or is there a wonderful ironing board out there that is bliss to use. I have one with a metal frame which has warped, and that “bump” on the ironing surface is driving me crazy.