It’s been a week!


Happy Friday! It’s been a week.

I try not to share too much of my personal life on here because I figure you all want to talk quilts (and books). This week hasn’t included too many of either of those, though.

Some of you know that we took my mom into the emergency room Wednesday morning. That is never fun (least of all for her) and can be downright maddening. It’s frustrating to try to explain to people (over and over) exactly what’s going on, and to try to push them to find answers. I was really encouraged yesterday, though, when we talked to the doctor who is assigned to her. After having been rebuffed by two different doctors after telling them what the initial ER doc (who also happens to be a longtime family friend) had ordered, we talked with someone who had reviewed her records and knew them almost better than we did. He seemed committed to helping us get some answers. I will be eager to hear what he tells us this morning.

As I left the hospital last night, my husband and son texted me that they were getting quarter-sized hail at home. There were tornado warnings all around. What fun, huh? I stopped to get coffee to get a better read on things and thought I found a window through which to get home. I called my dad on the way, he said he was getting golf-ball sized hail, but was watching the weather map and said it looked clear for me to get home. I was about five miles from home when I hung up from him and no sooner did I do that than I got a tornado alert on my phone. Yikes! I was at the top of a hill and knew I was not going to stop there. So I just kept going, eyes glued to the sky. I made it home safely but whew!

I think that’s enough excitement for one week, don’t you? There have been other major things in the family at large this week, but as of this moment, everyone is safe and well. I’ll take it.

It was nearly 80 degrees yesterday before the storm front moved through. The fruit trees are blooming and I heard peepers last night. Tomorrow brings a freeze warning. It must be spring!


p.s. The photo above is from KY3, Springfield, Missouri. The sky wasn’t quite as purple on my way home, but it was dramatic!!

  • Wendy Tuma

    What a week indeed. As we say up here — uffda! Glad you made it home safely. Hope you have encouraging news about your mom’s care, as well as some restorative sewing time (and coffee — lots of coffee)!

    • Yep, sheer craziness, although my “normal” life usually isnt. 😉 Sewing soon, but coffee is always first on the list!

  • cindy parry

    Full of scary moments! So sorry to hear about your Mom’s health issues; it’s always so concerning when family is so ill as to necessitate a trip to the ER. I’ll be thinking of you all and hoping the news this morning from tests was helpful and hopeful, Hugs.