350 Blocks — Round 3. You in?


It’s time once again for the 350 Blocks Challenge. My friend, Shelly Pagliai, over at PrairieMoon Quilts sets this up every year, then keeps a running tally for all the folks who participate. It’s a fun thing, even if some of us (ahem, me) habitually start strong and then fizzle out.

Well, Shelly announced this year’s version yesterday and, if she’ll let me, I’ll jump on the wagon again this year, for the third try. Maybe, just maybe, I can actually report a decent number of blocks made every month this year. Maybe.

This past year, Shelly reports that, as a group, the participants (I can’t really be counted in this), made more than 35,000 blocks. How’s that for impressive? One person alone made nearly 2,000. That means she made over 160 blocks a month. I’m pretty sure I won’t have a month like that ever.

I already have a good start in January, though, so at least for this month I’ll probably have something relatively respectable. But ask me in September or October. Usually I have long-since fizzled out by then. I may not have stopped piecing, but I’ve stopped reporting my numbers (even though Shelly reminds us every month). Or I’ve gotten confused in the counting. But still. I’ll try. I’ll try not to be the 350 Blocks Dropout this year. Honest.

You would think it wouldn’t be that hard to reach 350 blocks. I mean, that’s less than 30 each month. One a day. Seven blocks a week. Can’t we all do that? Yes, yes, we can. But some of us don’t manage to count that high. Can you see me hanging my head here?

How about you? Are you going to jump in? You have absolutely nothing to lose. It’s fun to see how many blocks you actually make in a year. Shelly keeps track of all of it (she’s amazing) AND there are prizes! Join us!

  • This is your year. I just know it is, Sugar.

    • Lori East

      I hope so! I hate feeling like a dropout, even when I know I’ve given it the old college try. Sigh…

  • shelly

    Of course I’m letting you in, even if you forget to report in!

    • Lori East

      Heh. That’s what friends do, right? Even when their friends are slackers. 😉 Thank you!!