Is 3/4 of a finish the same as a whole? I’m counting it DONE

Yes, it’s only 3/4 of a finish, but the first 1/4 was already done, so that makes it a whole finish, right?

You might remember these things I started a waaaaay long time ago, almost a year ago, in fact (how embarrassing is that? If you weren’t around the blog then, they were just four placemats and napkins, with a matching table runner. I intended for them all to be reversible. Part of the set may not be reversible now, but they’re finally done. ALL done.


You see, I started them way back then, finished four napkins (although my memory told me there were six), and got two placemats bound. Then I started having issues with the way my bindings looked, and laid them aside to “fix.” Ahem. First I had to decide if I wanted to rip back all the binding I’d done by machine, or just finish it off by hand and call it good. It took a looooong time to decide.

All of the napkins are reversible, two are plaid/plaid, two are plaid/gingham

The napkins were easy, just two 18-1/2″ (cut) squares sewn together right sides together, then flipped, pressed, and edge-stitched. I love the heft of two layers of fabric, and the generous size.

The fabric, in case you’re wondering, is from a line called “Feed Company,” from Sweetwater. It was love at first sight for me with this. Sadly, I found it pretty late, but I am still happy with what I did find. I just saw on Wednesday that their newest line, “Hometown Christmas Edition” will be shipping to stores in May. It may even be cuter than Feed Company. Its anchor is a big buffalo plaid in four different colorways, and there is a “word print” similar to the white I used (below). I love fabrics with text and typography. I rarely cut it up much, though, because I like it as-is. In this case, i thought it was perfect. Sweetwater does some very nice stuff!

What? Oh…Sorry, I got distracted by the pretty fabric…back to my table linens…but new fabric is fun! When you’re done here, go take a look at Sweetwater’s site. You’ll see…

You might be able to tell that the table runner and placemats are quilted, but only minimally. I just quilted right over all the straight black lines in the print. I didn’t want them puffy at all, but wanted them to have some structure so I used some pale yellow baby flannel I had tucked away. It gave things a nice weight and body. If you’re wondering, they are 14 x 18″. I used Aurifil thread too, because I love it. ‘Nuff said.

I know now that I made it hard for myself from the beginning. I always always always, usually always, cut my bindings 2″ wide. When folded in half and stitched down on the front, it leaves 3/4″ to cover front and turn to the back. I like my bindings skinny and full. Make sense? Anyway, I typically finish the back by hand, but decided that time to do them by machine. Mistake #1. Two-inch cut bindings are too skinny to finish by machine. I mean, sure, there are probably people out there who do it and make it look great. I didn’t.

Finally, I decided that these are, after all, placemats (yes, more placemats), and that they did not have to be perfect. But I also decided that I didn’t want the aggravation of trying to get them perfect by machine. So I took needle in hand and whipped down the parts that hadn’t caught the first time around and called it good. It took all of about fifteen minutes.

Okay, so this binding doesnt look too bad (left), but I am much happier with the one on the right

I hadn’t even tried to do the table runner by machine, so it was an easy finish too. And, since I did the binding the “right” way (for me), the runner is truly reversible. Hooray!

I don’t know whether to claim this as a whole finish or only 3/4 of one. All I know is that it’s DONE. So I’m counting it as finish #4 for this year.

Four of each

We shouldn’t need any more table linens again any time soon. At least not until that new fabric hits stores.

How long do you let things lie while you decide how to “fix” them?


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  • Wendy Tuma

    If you could see my stack of UFOs, you’d know that I let them sit well, for a long time. The fabrics you used are really, really cool. And yeah, those 2″ bindings don’t do well when sewing by machine. That’s why I didn’t show a close up of my recent project . . . heheh.

    • Yeah, some of my UFOs are, no kidding, over 20 years old. Thinking I could probably throw them out without too much suffering…

      I love Sweetwater’s fabrics, and anything with text or numbers…so fun!

      I keep thinking that I will take time to teach myself a decent machine-binding, but haven’t cared enough to do it yet! Someday…

  • shelly

    I let mine ferment for quite a while. And sometimes they don’t even need fixing, they just need finishing! Evidently, I thrive on procrastination’s high!

    • Lori East

      “Fermenting…” hahaha!! Perfect!